Review: Scarbee Classic EP-88s


So what is Classic EP-88s?

This is almost like a follow-up to the original Scarbee Mark I library, but with a lot more detail and functionality under the hood.

In addition to being recording in high detail, they also have things like release samples, and various playing engines under the hood that interact with how you play.

So imagine the sample upon quick release sounding different than the sample when releasing a sustained note.

Not to mention pedal up/down fx, build in amp fx, chorus, wah, reverb, etc.

Oh, you can also switch between high end and “old” cables, as well as a more vintage sounding set of samples.

All within a super clean interface.

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Man, the sound of this instrument is so authentic and natural sounding, I’m totally in love!

I’m an Ep fanatic, specifically, the Rhodes…and the level of detail here is pretty amazing.

From the various noises of the tines, hammers, and mechanical key action, to the overall tone and quality of the instrument, it all works together to provide a super inspiring sound.

The playability is something to truly appreciate. The way this library responds to your playing adds to the sound, even though that isn’t an actual sound in and of itself.

Just the way the keys respond to velocity so smoothly, I never felt like there was a velocity range that wasn’t represented while playing. This really does impact the sound you hear when you play.

To sum it all up, it sounds amazing and true to life.

So what’s the bottom line?

Those of you that have been around me for a while know I’m an EP nut, I own an actual Rhodes which I love, yet I still like to checkout various libraries.

I will tell you, this may not seem to have a lot of “bells and whistles” on the surface, but it has everything you need to get an amazing sounding EP.

I give Classic EP-88s 5 out of 5 subs, this library quickly shot to the top of my personal favorites list as soon as I started playing it.ย 

Some things are really hard to explain, but once you play it and feel how it responds you’ll get what I mean. It doesn’t cover multiple instruments, and doesn’t have thousands of presets, but I will tell you that this thing is just pure fun to play, it really does sound great.

I love all of the functionality they put under the hood into the scripting, and though all of it may not be controllable from the front panel (though much of it is) it really just adds to how it sounds and feels when you play it.

There’s even a pre-attack parameter that lets you dial in how much of the “pre noise” you want to have when you press the key, it imitates the sound you hear just before the hammer hits the tines…man…sick!

Go on over and check it out, and if you’re an EP fanatic like me, you gotta have this in your library without question.



  1. Hey fam! I’ll say it like this. I own several EP libraries, many of which are very good. But, this new Scarbee joint is near perfect. I find myself reaching for it more often than the LA Custom Rhodes in Keyscape. I hardly touch my Korg SV-1 now and I’ve uninstalled all of my other EP libraries (i.e. Neo-Soul Keys, NI MkI, Purgatory Creek EPs and e-instruments EPs). This new one is just what I’ve been waiting for. Between it and the stuff in Keyscape, I don’t think I’ll ever need any other EP.

    • Man I totally agree, the sound and playability of this is just very good. It may not have a ton of bells and whistles, but to me that’s not needed. In this case, they focused on the sound
      and playability of the instrument. How it feels, how it responds, and the little nuances that make it feel super realistic. Definitely at the top of my list right now….after my actual Rhodes of course ๐Ÿ™‚


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