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I haven’t checked out a new Kontakt library in a while, so I recently spent some time installing a bunch of products I hadn’t downloaded yet from NI, shout out to them as always for shooting dope sounds my way.

Still, I didn’t really have any plans of recording a video, or anything of that nature, I really just wanted to spend some time in the lab checking out new sounds. Ashlight was a texutre/soundscape sort of library so I was eager to see what it was about. I hadn’t watched any demos or listened to any previews but I’m familiar with Straylight and Pharlight so I figured it would be up my alley.

Well I was right!

So much so, that after playing the first sound I decided to record a video to share with you all. No I didn’t go through all the features or show all the functionality, my main reason for doing this video was I thought the library sounded dope and I wanted to share that with others who may be into these sort of sounds.

Come to find out, like the other libraries in this series, you can also bring your own samples into it for manipulation by dropping it onto the waveform section in the sample layer.

For me, it’s all about exploring the sounds within the library directly from my Komplete Kontrol keyboard, and this is yet another incredible NKS library that provides hands on access to inspiring sounds.

I will admit I’m partial to hardware, but libraries like this are the reason I have a mac mini dedicated to running NKS libraries, the ability to have hands on control of my own custom “workstation” is a major part of my workflow. I treat the Komplete Kontrol like any other hardware in my setup, only, I can constantly customize it with dope new sounds.

The library isn’t that big in size either, weighing in at 2.67GB, it comes with over 320 snapshots (presets), not to mention the 100 sample sets and 263 grain sources that you can mix and match to create your own sounds.

I love these sort of sounds, and for me, this library is worth checking out if you dig these sort of sounds as well.

Get Ashlight:

Let me know what you think!

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