Learn Your Gear: Episode 1 – What Equipment Should You Get First?


Welcome to the first episode of ‘Learn Your Gear’ a music production show where we discuss various areas of music creation, techniques, topics, and questions.

In this episode of ‘Learn Your Gear’ we discuss a question that we all get often which is “what should I get to start?”. This question can be from aspiring producers, folks coming to software from hardware, those wanting to get into mixing, etc. We each share our own take on how we would answer the question with the aim of helping those that may have this question and may come across this episode.

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  1. It was really cool listening to everyone’s perspective here, especially from my curmudgeon point of view…it seems I was asking myself a lot of these same questions before most of your cast were probably born…you go through these phases where you are constantly asking yourself “who am I and want do I want to do”…well, sometimes it takes a confidant to point out your strengths…my wife always tells me that it gives her great joy when I am in my studio playing music but she always looks a bit dismayed when I tell her I haven’t recorded anything…so, she sort of challenged me…to understand my studio better and start putting my ideas down…well, here I am 6 months later with a ton of recordings that I will now start to master in the near future…”who am I”? I am a composer of sounds and my medium is the synthesizer…Your friend Stoni is so right…learn a DAW and perfect it..well, I spend about 2 to 3 hours a day at Ableton Live playing and learning…I’m taking a Master Class done by Deadmau5 and, boy, is he a character with a refreshing attitude and a lot to offer…I’m not there yet, but I’m closer…closer with focus and a direction.

  2. That was really good Joe very good advice from everyone, who the guy mentioned only uses an iPad?
    many thank to all involved for there time and experience


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