Going Modular: Planning Your Rack On ModularGrid.net


In this episode of “Going Modular” I wanted to share a tool that is super useful for planning out your rack configuration.

The site is called ModularGrid.net and it lets you mock up a virtual version of your rack, with the proper width of your case and all types of modules on the market.

One word of caution….this site is addicting! I’m literally on here every single day messing with my racks.

It’s a great way to see how things fit together, how you want to organize, what you’re going to spend, etc.

It’s really helpful to get an idea of where you want to take your rack, or even where you want to go in the future, and you’ll have a much better focus as to what you want to buy and when.

As usual, if you have question let me know.

Also let me know what you think about the series so far!


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