Checking out the new Arturia V Collection 5


Arturia’s V-Collection has always been a great value for anyone looking for an instant dose of vintage synths and keyboards.

Now they’ve updated it with 5 new instruments, new interfaces, and a slick browser (those last two were high on my personal list)

This video just goes through the collection, showing you the new interfaces and playing with a few of the sounds.

It isn’t meant to be a complete detailed break down of each instrument, but more of an overview of the entire collection.

You can find out more on their site:

Checking out the new Arturia V Collection 5
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  1. Good review.
    I didn’t think the video was too long. That was a major update. Also I’d like to point out that most good reviews and in your case thorough reviews take at least 15 -30 mins.

      • I went ahead and upgraded. Too many goodies to ignore. Honestly man with this new version as I’m checking it out right now this could have easily been an hour. If you factor in all the diffrent features you could’ve done a multi-part series video. Also you could’ve done a video on the modular aspect, hardware vs. software. Yea man if anybody complains of this video being too long, then maybe those individuals need to go back to vine and leave music creation altogether. S&G 4.5 out of 5 subs I said it Keep’em coming. 👍🏾🎶

        • Ahahaha no doubt fam, yeah I could have definitely went deeper, I plan to get into a few individual instruments as well, so definitely more to come. Thanks for the support as always!

  2. Talk about an improvement! Great review. I’ve always been unhappy with the Arturia interfaces (and uninstalled them from my system long ago). It stopped me from buying the Modular V. This vid changed my mind completely. Never thought I’d say this, but It seems like now the other guys need to take some GUI design hints from Arturia.


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