Product Demo: VIBE XXL Hip Hop Horns


xlhn1Wanted to hit you with a demo of one of the first products from VIBE a new company birthed from the pedigree of Funk/Soul Productions.

This particular library is a collection of authentic horn section riffs, licks, chords, hits, and fx, geared towards soulful Hip Hop and Urban production.

They are not necessarily Hip Hop in styleΒ but more of theΒ soulful, funky, jazzy style of horns popular in classic Hip Hop and sample-based productions.

Quick Specs

There’s a lot of riffs and licks in this library, plus the fact that it is in a custom Kontakt interface means it will automatically sync to your tempo.

If you’re looking for a quick selection of authentic horn section and solo horn licks, loops, hits, or chords, this is definitely one to check out.

Let me know what you think!


  1. Another great review Saintjoe. I remember when I first started coming to your site I asked you what was the best VST or sound pack for Dirty South and you said there is no specific one any sound can make any genre, when you first told me that I was like get a load of this guy lol..4 years later and & I see whatcha mean! It doesn’t matter about the sound or if you have the best sounds it’s about the producer and how you put it together but at any rate excellent review I have purchased many vst’s thanks to your reviews!

    • Ahahaha thanks for the support man! Yeah, I don’t like to get caught up in specific sounds for specific genres. Sure some sounds are more common, but I feel creativity is just that…using whatever you want to make the music you want to make. Glad you’re still around man πŸ™‚


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