Era Medieval Legends library review


Hey what’s going on! Back with another library from Best Service and Eduardo Tarilonte

Yes, he did Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World, etc.

This one is focused on  historical Renaisassance style instruments.

Let’s check it

What is Era?

A collection of Medieval or Fantasy style instruments with a custom interface for Best Service Engine.

Like other libraries from Eduardo, the instruments sound ultra realistic and he also includes some sound design elements for further exploration.

The sounds put you in the mind of elves, wizards, and hobbits!

With a straight forward interface that allows quick customization and tweaking.

Quick Specs

  • content: over 10gb
  • format: Best Service Engine
  • price: $209.98

How does it sound?

As with other libraries from Eduardo, the instruments just sound plain real!

Everything from the keys to the strings to the instruments I have no clue what they are…it all sounds natural and organic.

As usual, there is a whole section devoted to layered, evolving, sound design patches.

And once again, for me, this is the best part of the library.

Sure the realistic sounds are great, I’m really digging the flutes and some of the strings, the percussion is great as well.

But those layered pads and soundscapes, as well as the other effects….I love them.

What’s the bottom line?

Anytime Best Service releases a new product from Eduardo Tarilonte…I get excited.

I know the instruments are going to be super realistic and organic, and I know there are going to be another collection of amazing soundscapes, ambiances, and fx.

I give Era 4.5 out of 5 subs, regardless if this is your style of musical instrument or not, the quality  and playability of the content just can’t be denied.

His libraries always allow me to experiment with instruments I may otherwise never encounter. Many I have no clue how to pronounce or their history….but that doesn’t stop me from playing them!

I also really dig how he gives you a quick info block on the instruments directly in the interface, really helps in exploring the content.

Checkout the demos at Best Service:

Try it for yourself at Try-Sound:

leave a comment below and let me know what you think


  1. Not that it’s a big deal but I think you mean Medieval rather than “Renaissance” in your description, but that’s in the title of the product so people will probably catch on… maybe doesn’t make much of a difference, but Medieval is older and has different instruments like in this library whereas Renaissance would just be like your standard ‘classical’ orchestra (like let’s say Garritan Personal Orchestra).

    • I think most when thinking Renaissance, think Medieval lol, as in the Renaissance Fairs we have over here, it’s sorta all Medieval themed type music and instruments. I think it’s more of a cultural thing than anything, as the two are interchangeable to me…but again, probably just because of what I’ve been exposed to 😉

      And yeah I figured with the name, it was easy to tell, honestly didn’t think there was a difference between the two, especially since they used them interchangeably in the product description.

      So definitely thanks for the info, I learned something new today 🙂 Good stuff!

      • Oh I see. I didn’t know there were “Renaissance fairs” in the States where they have Medieval themes. That explains the terminology. Yeah I was just speaking from a chronological perspective, but it’s good to know what you mean. 🙂

  2. when a more stable version of engine comes, which is supposedly soon, i am all over this…the thing i like about his libraries aside from how seriously great they sound is that the patches go deep…all the soundscapes in dessert winds are really tweakable…and almost every sound inspires tons of music…..i don’t think anyone does inspiring instruments like eduardo…now we just need engine to catch up…i would be using his stuff all the time; it’s in it’s own league…

  3. I don’t anything about Best Service Engine. Is that another type of audio file like WAV.

    I do appreciate when I hear good sounds and you’re right he is great.

  4. Great for horror movies and period drams: Exorcist III anyone? (yuck);The Cabin in the Woods; Wicker Tree; an film scorer’s tool of choice; I would definitely add this to my collection! I mean there are Dulcimer’s libraries out there, but quite expensive and this has a whole collection, so actually good value for money.

  5. SJ: This library may bring out the “Harry Potter” style producers (lol). I like the sounds & this library seems plentiful. Thanks for giving us a look at this one…


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