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Hey what’s good fam! Another week gone by and it’s time for some Big Fish

Today I’m checking out a new library from UVI called Darklight IIX, which runs in their UVI Workstation

Let’s check it out

So what is Darklight IIX?

It’s a new instrument library dedicated to capturing the sound and character of a popular instrument from the 80’s …the Fairlight

Not only is it about capturing that sound, but it’s also about giving you tools to do things that weren’t possibly with the older technology.

It’s a huge library of instruments and drum samples with custom scripting and fx processing to allow you full control over the content.

It not only includes the instruments, but also a drum sequencer and a 3 part phrase sequencer

Quick Specs

  • content: 2.18GB
  • format: UVI Workstation
  • price:P $199.95

How does it sound?

UVI is always able to properly capture the character of whatever library they are producing.

This library is no exception.

If you like the vintage sound from 80’s digital instruments and samplers, then you’ll definitely love this one.

Despite the fact that the instrument itself is old, that doesn’t mean the instruments and sounds in this library sound low quality.

Sure you get the extra hiss and crackle but in a very usable way. And the fact is some of the sounds coming out of that old school sampler are just plain old thick!

I’m personally not too fond of 8 bit drums, but I’ll tell you some of the synths, keys, and vocals are really great.

Being that I grew up in the 80’s, a lot of the sounds felt very familiar. Β But don’t be fooled into thinking the sounds are only useful for old school tracks.

What’s the bottom line?

Ever since UVI updated their UVI Workstation engine, allowing deeper scripting of instrument interfaces, they have been getting really deep into the character and experience of each release.

Everything from the sound to the way you interact with the instrument is customized to give you a total experience.

I give Darklight IIX 4 out of 5 subs, there is a ton of usable content here and the custom interface makes tweaking the sounds and adding fx super intuitive.

If you’re a drum machine type of person then I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of the “Page-B” drum machine.

I also really enjoy the 3 phrase melodic sequencer on “Page-U” that was definitely a nice touch.

The interface as a whole is just really cool

checkout the product and demos:Β

You can also check the product out directly from the UVI website:Β

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  1. SaintJoe

    Thanks for reviewing this – I have been watching this one. Like the sounds.

    As always, . . . we appreciate your reviews out here.

    Regards – R.


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