Embertone Intimate Strings LITE review


Hey what’s good fam, hope you had a good weekend.

Figured we start the week off lite…with a new string library from Embertone.

I just found out about this company thanks to a member that posted it in the forum, so thanks for that!

The library is called Intimate Strings LITE

so let’s check it

What is Intimate Strings LITE?

It’s a string quartet library for Native Instruments Kontakt

The library has a custom interface, round robin that you can turn on and off, and you can also change it from mono (legato) to poly playback.

There are 3 patches in this version of the library and from reading the site, it’s taken from a larger version or series which is coming soon.

So consider this an appetizer or a quick taste of what is to come

Quick Specs

  • content: 500mb
  • format: Kontakt 4.24 and higher full version required
  • price: $0.00

How does it sound?

It actually sounds really good. It has a nice rich tone to it and being able to adjust the round robin setting allows you to get a different feel according to what you like to hear.

It’s a quartet so it won’t be as full sounding as a complete string section, but that’s not the point!

Theย transitionsย are smooth from note to note allowing you to get a pretty realistic feel and playback.

The room/ambiance around the sounds isn’t overwhelming so you can still add your own reverb and space as needed, or play them as is.

I didn’t run across any glitches in the recording or samples themselves as I was playing it, everything had a pretty straight forward and clean sound.

What’s the bottom line?

I didn’t just review this because it was free, I wanted to show it because it actually sounded good.

I come across a lot of free and lower cost libraries that just don’t sound good at all, stuff you would probably most likely never use, but this one sounds good.

I didn’t realize it was from a larger library coming soon when I first downloaded it, though I figured there would probably be a “non LITE” version.

I give Intimate Strings LITE 4 out of 5 subs, sure there aren’t many patches here and there isn’t much in terms of features, but you really can’t deny the sound.

I wouldn’t be mad if I had paid for these strings as I feel they are quite useful, fast loading, and just have an overall good sound quality to them.

My favorite patch is probably the plain Legato patch, I really dig the tone.

Go on over and download your copy: ย http://www.embertone.com/freebies/intstrings-lite.php#2

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think


  1. Good look’n once again. I’m feeling the clean-straight forward GUI. I can see this getting a fair amount of mileage especially when you factor in layering, f/x and some pre-made scripts that might be floating around.

    • basically it allows slightly different samples to be triggered to give more of a realistic sound, as sounds naturally differ a bit when played, like humans playing a note, plucking a string, or bowing a string, it will sound more natural and less robotic.

  2. @Thomasgreco – Round Robin is a really cool technique that was typical for short samples to avoid the machine gun effect, where if you repeat a note over and over again you get the same sample, over and over again.

    What we did with Intimate Strings was apply a bit of genius code to the instrument, so that if you repeat an interval over and over again, you actually get different samples triggered.

    Make sense? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Joe:

    This library though small actually sounds very good! Thanks again for these little jewels that you keep finding and sharing with us man.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Yeah fam, I just try to find stuff for all budgets and levels, so many different ways to get good sounds, I don’t want people thinking you always have to break the bank to get good stuff. Sometimes yes, but as we can see here, sometimes no!

  4. @Alexdavis. Thanks for that just downloaded the rar and will play later! It sounded really nice in Joe’s review and looking forward to more! Thanks to you as usual SJ!

  5. SJ: Embertone Intimate Strings sounds amazing. The strings clean & feels like you have the musicians right there with you. “Thanks for the review”. Another “Great” video production from “S&G”.com

  6. Hi Saint,
    Thanks a lot for such informations man, it really helped me. This instrument is very good and sounds organic. Hope to see more from you. Keep going.


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