Traumah Drums Vol 1


This is the original Traumah Drum kit. Traumah hit the scene back in 2010 with his own style of drum kits. He brings a unique style of sound design and layering so that the drums fill up the track and are the focal point in any beat.

If you’re looking for large, heavy, wide,Β  drums, these are definitely some to consider. There’s nothing mellow about these at all, a good kit if you want your drums to stand out tremendously. They also have a bit of a west coast vibe to them, not surprising considering Traumah is from the west coast himself.

Own this kit? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Cool. I was actually curious what you thought of his stuff. Pretty much the same as me. From listening to the stuff in his videos and free kits I felt the same. Good, but mainly for a certain niche, like you said, very drum-driven. So definitely good for peeps looking for that sound, but not for those that want the drums in the background or equally in the mix. They are totally going to be front and center with this stuff. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve got a deal on this and automatic fire, I can’t complain with either of them. I would agree, they are very front & center unless you grab a parametric eq and spend some time notching the crap out of them to balance out with your other sounds. I found interesting and sometimes strange results when further experimenting w/sound layering. They definitely will command attention.


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