Dark City Cinematic Loops and Ambiences review


You know what it is fam, Big Fish Friday….let’s get Cinematic….

Today checking out Dark City, a collection of loops and ambiences for the cinematic lovers out there

You know me…anything can be used for anything, so let’s check it out!

What is Dark City?

This is basically a collection of drum, percussion and melodic loops as well as ambiences and landscapes, designed for cinematic use.

This means it’s created for tv, movies, trailers, films, media, and stuff like that.

However, I feel sound is sound, so it can also prove useful for urban/electronic and even pop producers.

It’s all up to your imagination and creativity.

Quick Specs

  • content: 2.78gb
  • format: rex, wav, acid, kontakt
  • price: $99.95
How does it sound?
It sounds very lush and organic, more on the dark industrial side.
This isn’t a big, cinematic, epic library…it definitely stays within the realm of dark.
Not so much scary/horror sounding, just dark and sometimes mechanical.
The recordings are well done and there’s a lot of variety, especially in the melodics and evolvers.
Being able to load them up in kontakt is a plus for going through the library or even playing them directly from kontakt into your project.
You get a mixture of orchestral, synth, mechanical, weird, lush, and drums/percussion.
What’s the bottom line?
You all know I love the cinematic side of things.  I love using these types of sounds in my productions.
This collection has enough content and variety to give you that cinematic landscape without paying epic prices.
It doesn’t have as much control from the kontakt interface as other dedicated libraries, but then again the price isn’t as high as those either.
I also love that you get access to the waves so it’s not stuck in kontakt, this allows you to use the library as a foundation for your own sound design.
I give this library 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a very solid release that stays true to it’s name, with the sounds being Dark and organic in nature.
As always, go on over to Big Fish and checkout the demos: http://www.bigfishaudio.com/detail.html?513735
leave a comment below and let me know what you think!
Dark City Cinematic Loops and Ambiences review
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  1. Happy Friday, Man!
    I have been thinking about getting this. Your review leads me to think more seriously …. I like you opinions and the fact that here I get to see you exercise the thing and cook up some sounds on the fly.
    Sounds pretty tasty … on the dark side of things.
    Thanks again for keeping things interesting!

  2. This looks like a good buy bro. The price is good too. I just gotta find some time to sit down and do some music because it’s been a minute. This new job is keeping me busy at work and dead tired when I get home. Not a good thing bro.

    I don’t know how you do what you do when it comes to time management. Whatever you are doing I need to do it too as long as it doesn’t get on me put on an episode of “Intervention”
    Yeah I got jokes lol.

    • @Madbull Studios, My brotha! I was thinking bout you this week fam, def good to hear from ya bro! People ask me that all the time lol, I do a lot of what I do early morning or late at night. But I’m around computers all day so I can keep up with comments and such. How you liking the job otherwise though?

  3. @saintjoe, bro it is an experience lol. We are working on a big project at work and the dead line is about 2 months away so I got thrown into the mix at full pace when I was hired. I thought I would be busy but not “this” busy that I wouldn’t get my quality time for my tracks lol. But on another note, I’ve been buying all the goodies you’ve been reviewing lately so I’ll have plenty of software to play with when I do have time and Native Instruments got Komplete 8 Ultimate coming out…you know I’m gonna cop that.

    Btw, great reviews keep them up bro.
    I’ll be checking your site out between meetings lol.

    • @Madbull Studios, I hear ya bro! We all go through seasons man, can’t wait to hear what you come up with after this break bro! Keep ya head up and show em why they hired you son!

  4. SJ,Thanks for bringing this review. “Big Fish Friday Is Still Happening” Yes! Yes!. I like the sounds and format options that were revealed here. The quality of the clips sound clean,deep,& pure. I may have to look into this one too. “Another great video”.

  5. Very nice – lots of usable stuff in there. Like it a lot. The UK pound is pretty strong against the US dollar right now as well so it’s a bit of a no-brainer for me lol.

  6. hey saintjoe, great review as usual. I was wondering if you could do a review of Dubsounds.com vintage synths, particularly their moog sample pack. All their stuff looks real interesting and afordable, but they post no samples to hear anything before buying. Anyways, check out their site, its pretty cool. peace


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