Maschine layering plugins internally and playing them from your keyboard


I wanted to share this tutorial with the worldwide Maschine community as a whole showing how to layer your plugins in Maschine.

I show it in a way that gets around the limitations of Pad Link mode which allows you to actually play your layered sounds from your keyboard and not just the pads.

It’s actually pretty simple but works well and it’s very quick.


This can also be done in your DAW and is even simpler to setup because of the advanced midi routing in a DAW….I may follow up with a video on that for the MT fam!

You can checkout plenty more tutorials at

Maschine layering plugins internally and playing them from your keyboard
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  1. whats fam been a long time I’ve just been checking out the upcoming reason 6 don’t see nothing I already have in it except the three new devices this time I’ll spend that money on Maschine and a turn table

  2. You must’ve been in my head! I’ve been trying to fiddle around w/this concept for a week now and to see it was that simple, for the life of me I didn’t think about channel assignment*dooh* Thanks for bringing this to light for us. By the way, understanding various VSTi’s take up resources differently,how was your cpu meter when using this layering technique? I think that I’m going to try this w/some synth drum sounds and resample what I want to use to create a kit. Now if Maschine only had a built in arpeggiator (or could import midi)…oooo-whee!
    Bad enough that I have a hard time going to sleep at night and you go and to this to a brother! You’re cold man! *lmbo*
    -Peace & Blessings

    • @jamari, with these two it wasn’t too bad, now when I was messing around with firebird, massive, and the strings, it was up a lil bit but nothing major. Yeah man, something I had been messing around with too. I started off doing it in a daw as a plugin chainer, and figured there had to be a way to do it in standalone lol.

  3. Hello Saint Joe,

    I wanted to thank you for this video as it cleared up some problems I was facing with the integration of Maschine 1.7.1 with other VST’s that are part of my setup. One thing I have been doing is setting the low note/high note and the destination settings. I find that on certain patches, for example a keyboard, setting the low note to C0 and the high note to C5, and setting the Destination to C1, expands the range of notes that may be played.
    One other thing I like is mixing sounds from many different VST’s in Maschine then recording directly into Reaper.

    Keep it going,


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