Cinematique Instruments Complex Environs Gecko review


Hey what’s up folks, back with another review for you.

This time I’m checking out a cool little library/instrument from Cinematique-Instruments.

If you remember I did a review on their boxed collection of instruments, this time I’m checking out one of their Kontakt libraries.

This is from the “Gecko” family of instruments, some pretty cool stuff.

Let’s get into it

So what is Complex Environs?

Well, it’s one of the instruments from the Gecko family which is all about sound design.

You get 6 layers/slots which you can put the various sounds in and adjust panning, volume to make complex evolving sounds, pads, or just weird soundscapes.

It runs in the full version of Kontakt (not kontakt player) and the interface really encourages experimentation.

Like most of their libraries, this one is geared towards sound design and cinematic work.

However you know my thoughts, it can be used for anything!

Quick Specs

How does it sound?
This thing is really fun. As I’ve stated in the video, I started with the free version a few months ago when they first released it, and I really enjoyed it.

My thing is, I love a great Kontakt interface, I love custom scripting, and I love when developers make it easy to tweak and customize sounds.

The sounds themselves are great and a mix between synthetic and “found sounds”.   I mean, there’s a “pan frying” sound that you can mix together with some raw strings or gritty choir.

It definitely has a cinematic/ambient sound to it, but you can make it fit for anything using the attack and filter settings.

The sounds themselves are really rich and they fit well together so you come up with some dope soundscapes really quickly.

I’m a fan of ambient and sound design type of sounds, and I also love to tweak. This library has both for me.

The reverb can be useful as well, and like I say, the raw sounds themselves are great and can be used alone, mixing them together is where it gets fun.

What’s the bottom line?

If you like to tweak, but still keep things simple…please check this out.

Having 6 layers of sounds to mix and match is just plain fun, especially when they make it so simple to create new “scenes”.

The interface of course makes you wish you could load up your own samples, but I feel the raw materials they give us to work with are great.

I give this library 4 out of 5 subs, it’s really a great little exploration and sound design tool that’s fun to use and quick to get really usable results from

I suggest you download the free version and give it a try…or better yet just go grab one of the Gecko instruments and have fun. The price is right and the sound is professional.



  1. SJ,Gecko has alot to work with here. Depending on one’s style of synths,you have a nice playground of sounds to create that “Masterpiece”. I never heard of this company before,but after this review,I will definitely give them a look. “Thanks for reviewing & providing a closer look at this one”.

    • @Baddboy2000, no doubt bro. They actually have some other ones too that may prove more useful to some folks. Pads, rhythms, metal strings, etc.

      I just dig the interface and creativity it encourages 🙂


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