Big Fish Audio Rotation Hip Hop samples


you know what time it is…..big fish friday

today I’m reviewing some urban hip hop samples

this one is called “Rotation Hip Hop”

let’s check it out

What is Rotation Hip Hop?

The idea of this library is to provide you with a collection of “radio ready” sounds and samples.

Not just one style but any and everything you’d be likely to hear on any popular urban radio station.

The crunk club smashers, the urban rnb vibes…

the chopped/pop sample style music, synth based euro gangsta lol…

you get the idea.

This is just a large collection of popular and contemporary sounding samples

Quick Specs

  • Content: 2gb 24 bit wav files (4.68gb all together across formats)
  • Format: wav, rex, acid, rmx, apple
  • Price: $99.95

How does it sound?

It sounds like urban music…period.

I won’t lie, I was expecting some corny attempt to capture the current “trendy” style of music, I expected it to be one-sided.

This library has a lot of various styles from east to west, north to south, club to street, it’s all covered.

The production style is on point, the sounds especially keys and strings are organic, the drums bang, the synths are nice.

Everything is recorded and produced with a certain “sheen” on it, but yet still captures everything you’d expect from the particular genre it’s going after.

There are even some random vocal and other samples to give you that chopped, vocal, sample vibe yet still keeping it radio ready.

What’s the bottom line?

Bottom line is I was very surprised by this one.

I was really expecting another cliche’ “urban” library that wasn’t really a true representation of what urban music sounds like.

Especially with words like “radio ready” being used, but this was a nice, thorough collection of ย various sounds.

The keys were very organic, and I really loved the clean punchiness of the drums.

I give this library a 4 out of 5 subs, it’s really good…I can definitely see this getting quite a bit of use, from the drums to the various samples.

Go on over to Big Fish and check out their demos of rotation hip hop

this just let’s me know not to overlook a library because I think it will be corny, you just never know.


  1. That is really hot. It’s not a must have at the moment b/c some of the previous sample packs reviewed have me busy. Never heard of it, so I am going to put it on the list.

    • @Echo, yeah I hear ya man lol, I just like to build up a catalog so when folks are looking for something new, they can check out the reviews on here, it’s nice for sure.

  2. wow what a surprise u actually like this 1? lmao it’s funny bro every kit u ‘review’ seems to be the hottest sh*t u ever heard. this kit is soooo wack not even close 2 commercial quality but u give it a 4 outta 5? i won’t knock ur hustle i guess it’s a good way for u 2 score some free stuff for yourself but u really aren’t helping ur readers by telling them 2 go buy sh*t just cuz the company hooked u up. anyone looking 4 REAL commercial quality drums all u need is Sounds In HD and Urban Fire.

    • @Legend, it’s my OPINION, if you come here you must want it, otherwise don’t come lol it’s really that simple.

      I don’t put up stuff I don’t like, what’s the point? Unless it’s a scam that needs exposed, there’s no point in me wasting my time putting up a video of something I wouldn’t use myself.

      I’ve reviewed SHD and Urban Fire..and constantly suggest them as the best commercial drums around, do your research.

      BUT…this isn’t a drum library, if you’re comparing a sample library full of sounds, to a collection of drums then you have no idea what’s going on.

      I don’t just “tell people to buy stuff” lol…that’s why I actually SHOW IT… make your own mind up, this is just my opinion

      If you think it’s wack that’s cool, but don’t come through here suggesting the only reason I like something is because a “company hooked me up” if you saw then number of products/companies I DON’T post on the site because I don’t like the quality, you’d be surprised.

      If something make it on this site, it’s because I think it’s a quality product, a free product doesn’t automatically mean it will be on here. There’s stuff from big fish and other companies who have stuff featured on the site that I won’t put up, and stuff I’ve told companies was just plain too low quality for my site.

      I take this site and my reviews seriously, companies didn’t always “send stuff for review” I started this site by reviewing stuff I had purchased, then companies started wanting stuff reviewed, so now it’s a mix of both.

  3. well if i’m wrong then i apologize but i mean do u at least have some kind of credentials or actual reasons y ppl should respect ur judgement? it just seems like any random person could just start a ‘review’ site but if they don’t know what theyre talking about theyre not actually helping anyone theyre just influencing struggling producers to blow their precious dollars on mediocre (at best) products. i aint tryin 2 hate on u or nothin man but with the amount of consistently bad products that u give 2 thumbs up 2 i have 2 question ur resume.

    • @Legend, what credentials do I need to give an opinion?’s just that, I’m a regular “struggling producer” just like everyone else…reviewing stuff I come across. What’s so hard to understand?
      If you don’t want to hear what I have to say on stuff, then don’t come to the site, it’s really that simple.

      Like anything, everyone has opinions, most folks that come through here respect mines because they like the products I show, so again it’s opinion. Everyone has different tastes in sounds and music, so when folks get a chance to hear/see whats in stuff they can better decide if it’s something for them or not…everyone doesn’t like everything I post, I try to cover various styles of sounds…some people like the electro stuff, some like the commercial stuff, some like the downtempo stuff, some just like the instruments and plugins…it’s all just information.

      Yes any person can start a review site, that’s what most sites/magazines are, people giving their opinion so what’s your point? The way I show stuff let’s people judge for themselves instead of just reading a simple text article that says something is good.

      I try to come at stuff they way I do when purchasing/using it during the beat making process, so I just go through and see what’s there.

      You keep saying “I aint trying to hate” but that’s exactly what you’re doing lol. Do you know what a review is? It’s an opinion, that’s it! Now you’re throwing around statements like “if they don’t know what they’re talking about” lol…like somehow I need to go to school or be educated on what sounds good to me and what is useful to me lol, or that others don’t know what’s useful to them.

      I could ask you “why should anyone respect your opinion on saying this product is bad? who are you??” but it doesn’t matter because it’s your opinion, that’s the point, there tons of stuff out here man, people can choose what they like…nobody is forcing you to like or buy what I show, can’t you make that decision on your own by listening to what’s there? That’s the point lol.

      You seem to not like what I do, so just stop coming man, it’s really not that serious lol, you’ll be okay if you don’t check out the next “horrible product I review”, you’ll still be able to make music like you’ve been doing.

      It’s not that serious homie, this is information, I’m not telling people they NEED anything, just showing what’s there because i always wished someone would show me what’s in stuff instead of just writing about it all the time…then I could make up my own mind based on the sounds and how they can be used, not some text article.

  4. your right man and in theory i respect what youre doing here. giving ppl a better look at the products is great. my 2 issues are these:

    1: for someone like me whos main concern is quality the videos and such really arent any help since the audio gets so compressed and dirty. (obviously not saying this is your fault just a drawback of online videos).

    2: i get your point about only reviewing stuff you like but it seems to me that it would help ppl just as much if you showed them what they might wanna stay away from and let them see the difference between what you consider good and bad.

    so again im def not hatin on you man lol. i aint sayin ur wack and u should stop what your doing and all that just giving u my OPINION ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • @Legend, I feel ya man lol, I really don’t mind the opinion, just
      don’t like the accusations of being biased or fake in reviews lol, I welcome all opinions though…or else I would have deleted any I don’t like, but I don’t do that.

      For the record I do post stuff that I think folks should stay away from, if I think it’s a scam, or very wack, or that they shouldn’t deal with it.

      I had one company I purchased a membership from,, and they promised a bunch of kontakt instruments, etc. Well I bought it, and found out it was pretty much a scam, so I posted about it.

      The main reason I don’t like posting “bad” reviews is because it’s all really opinion and just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean others won’t, but I just don’t feel like taking the time to post about stuff I don’t like lol.

      I can’t really get into it. Really man, I do pass up on a lot of stuff from being posted, just because I like to maintain a certain quality, in my opinion, and most seem to enjoy it, even if they don’t agree or like everything I post.

      I agree the audio on the videos isn’t the best, my main thing is just trying to give an example the best that I can, showing stuff in use.

      This response makes more sense and comes across better than the ones challenging my authenticity because you didn’t like my opinion lol, I really strive to keep it honest and real so I get a lil defensive when folks accuse me of somehow being fake in order to do the reviews lol…

      this is also why I like having it open to discussion because we were able to come to a better understanding ๐Ÿ˜‰

      thanks for the feedback,

  5. Well, I appreciate your reviews. I prefer them to the mp3 samples of the sounds on company websites. Your reviews give me an idea of how to incorporate the sounds into my music. Keep looking ahead.

  6. yea my bad man i guess im really more mad at these companies that keep advertising ‘pro’ and ‘radio ready’ sounds then i listen to the demo and its all the same mediocre stuff.

    • @Legend, you’d be surprised how much stuff on the raido comes from these companies lol, especially places like Big Fish…plenty of “industry cats” use the same stuff we all use.

      Of course it won’t always be “fully mastered radio quality” but the quality and style is definitely commercial and clean, much more pro than it was a few years ago.

      I’ve been checking these companies for years, we definitely have better quality libraries now days, I’ve still got some old joints that would make folks go insane lol.

  7. I completely feel you on the feel of the phrase “radio ready.” usually that’s a warning sign to me in Loopsville America. But I listened to your video and man that’s some s***. The first piece with the flute me. I figured you’d chop up something other than what you went with, but I like how you played with the beats.

    The only thing that hurts about hearing kits this good is it makes me want to pick up more stuff than I’m ready to use right now!

    • @Coruscate aka The Incomplete Orchestra, yeah I feel ya man, I didn’t know which one I wanted to go with, I just picked something lol.

      but yeah, I expected it to be corny synth pop only stuff, it was more organic than I thought it would be.

  8. I was thinking fizzy synth leads too, but those are nice hip hop sounds period. The keys and chords sounded good but a few of those other sounds had that jacked sample quality, a surprise given the packaging and title of the set. Thanks for exposing one I’d probably have skipped.

    • @Metatron72, exactly yo, that’s what I was thinking, they packaging and corny naming would have kept me from looking at it, but I try to check out as much as a can, even if I don’t end up posting it. I had to post this one, as I think the sounds were a bit different than most would think.

      • @saintjoe, The packaging’s not as bad as G-Suite and some of their R&B cover graphics (haha), or Hip Hop City (worst cover and the sounds are wack). Don’t trip, I love ya Big Fish!

        • @Metatron72, yeah…the packaging wasn’t bad but “rotation hip hop” made me think corny synth/pop library, this was pretty diverse in it’s sound and such.

          G suite yeah…good sounds, graphics were okay, a lil cliche.

          hip hop city lol…I won’t go there on that one

  9. yo saintjoe wuss poppin son !!! i love your site ! i wish i had found it waaaaay earlier u save me soo much time. legend is a biting ass hater dont mind him . anywhos i am surprised no one asked you were you bought that maschine stand ??? i just noticed it in this video you just bought it right ? please let me know were you got it i have a maschine as well and i hate how it just lays flat . i am a short dude and i hate standing up just to see whats on the lcd screens.

  10. Whatup Joe,

    I just checked out that construction kit. They aren’t bad and actually they sound better than a lot of the music I hear on the radio that’s in heavy rotation. I can always use elements from kits like that eventually to add to my music. Thanks for the review bro.

    I’m also wondering if can you suggest any videos that show different recording techniques which covers various VST FX to experiment with?

    • @Madbull1971, yeah man, it definitely had a feel to it that I wasn’t expecting.

      As far as recording/fx man you just have to search youtube, I’m going to try and have a few of my homies do some tips/vids on here in the future, they are engineers.

      • @saintjoe, Nice. I have various videos on mastering, recording, etc. but I’m always on the look out for more techniques.

        I’ve been on You Tube also and found a lot of interesting things but the problem I have with You Tube is the quality of the videos and the instructions aren’t explained in detail thoroughly from beginning to end. Most times all I get is the end results with no real understanding of what was used to produce the effect or exactly what was done to create the effect the video was for (I guess basically I’m saying the videos are amateur but have good intentions that don’t get their point across for others to reproduce the same results).

        Although I have just purchased a DVD which goes in depth on the following topics:

        29 Hours of Tutorials
        Verses and Templates Tutorials
        Hook/Chorus Tutorials
        Use of various Mastering plugins

        I’ve just started checking out the tutorials and they seem to be very helpful for anyone interested you can check the website out here:

  11. Yo I remember when Joe first got a compnay to send him somethng for review, proud moment , all these reviews are unbiased , its GOOD thing to have someone out here reviewing this stuff as how many of us would hesitate to buy some of these great kits because we are unsure what they would sound like once DL’d!!??
    This way you get a chance to actually see the stuff in use before buying. I make up my own mind.
    Thanks for what you do Joe keep up the good work!
    You actually made me stop torrenting sounds and go back to buying them!

    • @RelicofRIP, hahahaha, no doubt fam, you was there from the jump! Thanks for the support man, yeah it’s just about letting cats see what’s there so they can make an educated guess if it will work for them or not, that’s it. Nobody get’s sugar coated, and companies know that sending something for review doesn’t automatically mean it will be posted…I’m very picky when it comes to sounds, even though I have a diverse taste in sounds, I seek out the best…in my opinion.


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