Kontakt 4.1 loads instruments faster with background loading


Native Instruments just released an update to Kontakt 4.1 and it now allows you to load instruments in the background.

This means, when you pull up a sound from the Kontakt library, you no longer have to wait for the full sound to load!

This is huge! I HATE waiting for large libraries and instruments to load, but now, they load in a few seconds, which let’s you quickly get to what you want to do, make music.

This may seem small, but in a world full of huge software libraries this is a huge plus for Kontakt users….trust me, watch the video and see the difference.

Some libraries used to take minutes to load, depending on the size, huge ones like Abbey Roads Drums are notorious for taking ages to load up.

With this new feature, I don’t feel so put off on actually using Abbey Roads drums now.

Check it out

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  1. That was very informative sir , I almost gave up on kontact I have the VST free version im tring to figure out how to use it with ableton live 8 , I know it works with ProTools 7 on up though. That update should really help alot of people out. Thanks!

    • @Digital Muzick, thanks for watching, kontakt player works fine with ableton I use it all the time. I don’t know if this update will work with kontakt player though, since you can’t save the instruments in it I don’t think. I think it’s just for the full version of kontakt.

  2. I work off a laptop and keep my sounds on an external drive, so I’ll use this for sure. I’ve only had Kontakt 4 for a couple months so this will be great as I explore the library more. Thanks SaintJoe!


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