Maschine recording midi into Live’s sequencer


I know I just posted a video of how to sequencing plugins in Live from Maschine standalone.

But this is a little different.

This if for those that want to use Maschine as a plugin within Live, yet not use Maschine’s sequencer.

This will let you record the midi data into Live’s sequencer while still using the pads/sampler of Maschine.

You would think this would be simple, just load the plugin and go, but it’s not…and many try to figure out how to do it in their DAW.

Anyway, this is a quick video showing how to set it up, so you have each Maschine group on a different track in Live.

If you prefer to do all your sequencing in Live, yet still want to use Maschine, this is a great way to do it.


  1. Live’s external instrument feature is so dope for keeping everything tidy. I’ve been off the DAW for 3 weeks now, so tonight I’m definitely working on Maschine/Live and will try this. Thanks Joe!

    • @01halo, nah not really, you gotta remember it’s operating as a plugin, so it’s a lil different when you want to send midi OUT of a plugin.

      I can send midi into it just fine, but most would want to still use the pads and everything on Maschine even when it’s a plugin, so this is the way to do it.

      No I sold my mpc, had no use for it at all.

  2. yo bro nice tutorial , can u tell me how did you use the loopbe connection? was it for the audio or midi , did you do a tutorial on how to setup ? if you let me know which one and i can dig it from the archive. peace

  3. Great tutorial I just have one problem, I hope you can help as you seem quite knowledgable on this. When I set up midi track to receive data, the dropdown below midi from-(post,preFX) does not have maschine track as an option like in your vid. Any idea why?

      • @saintjoe,
        Damn, thank you so much.
        Just got back to this aspect.
        Never intalled VST, teaches me not to be so
        Again THANK YOU this means so much to my workflow!!

        Now this,
        I have been realizing how powerful Maschine is in creating fills with whole bar patterns and alternating to create new truly dynamic patterns, or PARTS.
        SO, the question is how do I manipulate Maschine in this manner on its on track
        And record midi data to another midi track, i.e. Pattern data as it changes.

        Just as data gets recorded if an ableton midi track sends data to another midi track, dig? Sorry if this is “doublespoke”
        looking forward to more wisdom from ya cranium,

        • @Timmy Put,
          Sometimes when you figure out how to ask a question
          You figure out the answer in the process.
          So, once I get my Maschine pattern data into a Live midi track,
          I cam set to Legato, and no Q then manipulate as I would in Maschine
          And record pattern data with changes onto another Live midi track.
          Solved, although if I could stay in Maschine as I make these subtle pattern
          Changes I seek to record into Live that would be Ideal,
          So if ya got that answer, lay bit on me
          Thanks again for the knowledge


  5. Hi Joe, i have a problem here to get this workin. i cant find the maschine select option under pre and post fx in the midi track input in the sec 0:53 in this video.
    could you give me a hand , i cant figure out how to get that and cant make the midi to live happen.
    i will apreciate an answer
    thanks bro

    good work !


  6. Hi saintjoe . Nice tutorials

    can i ask you about the video how to make the same connection with Maschine and studio one , or how automate muting buttons on maschine vst in studio one. I spend 3 days with it – no results.
    May be its a bug of studio one(

  7. Hey Joe – thanks for the tutorial……BUT…. at 0:48, when you select ‘1-Maschine’ in the ‘Midi From’ drop-down menu of your new midi track – I can’t do this.

    I only have the option of selecting the ‘Maschine Controller Input’ – which is exactly the one you say NOT to select.

    Is there something that I am missing here?

      • @saintjoe,

        Oh wow Joe – that was SUPER fast -thank you. I’ve now got the correct VST et-up, and my Midi track is set-up as per your example…but when i hit my pads on Maschine I can see the signal on track ‘1 Maschine’ – but there is no Midi data coming thru to my Midi track.

        I’m sure I’m missing something really obvious. Yes, I have armed the track, too.

        Any ideas?

  8. Ok, I got the sounds to trigger and record – so i recorded a basic funk break, with a kick, snare, ride, shaker and a hat.

    It worked for a while, and I can see my pattern in the midi clip, but I have since quite Ableton, and reopened the file. My ‘Midi from’ settings and others on the Midi track have reverted back to the default.

    I press play in Ableton, and the playhead moves across my midi clip, and a signal is showing in the midi track channel strip – BUT – a different pattern is playing than the one I recorded into the midi clip!!!

    I’m just using one of the preset ‘Abbey Road’ kits – and it seems to maybe be playing one of the demo patterns from Maschine (I think ?????). Except when I look at my Maschine plug-in – there is no pattern playing!!!

    Where is this extra pattern coming from? How can I preserve my initial pattern. I’m really confused now. Thanks for your help – it was rad to get it kinda working Joe!

    • @John Citizen, Oh, and when I stop the midi clip playing – the audio continues playing, and the channel strip in channel ‘1 – Maschine’ is receiving a signal – even though there is no audio (or midi) in that channel, and no pattern seems to be playing in the Maschine plug-in interface itself.

      Where is this ghost pattern coming from?! Its damn funky…but its not he one I recorded! πŸ˜›

    • @John Citizen, sounds like you have something in Maschine recorded or playing on one of the groups.

      it should have saved your settings in the plugin when you saved your ableton project.

  9. Hi Saint Joe,

    thanks for the video, very helpful!
    I have one problem with this setup which is annoying me, all my groups are routed and work like a charm when i have no armed tracks in ableton. As soon as i arm a track to record that groups midi, and i hit a pad. The midi is sent to all the groups in maschine which result in me hearing all the sample under that pad in all the groups.

    How can i stop this behavior?

      • @saintjoe, I have another question.
        On maschine i made loop. I used group E as send fx.
        In this set up i don’t hear all the results of the fx in ableton when i plan an empty scene in Maschine (which i am doing so the midi is triggered from ableton to maschine)

        Is it possible to app;y all the fx i’ve set up under 4 different pads in group E? So far i hear just one being applied.

  10. hey saintjoe, great video, i am having a problem though, when i try to make a midi track for group B i dont get that external out 2 popping up, just a regular out and my midi notes not capturing on ableton. im completely stumped at this point on how to get more than just group A to sound out good. thank you


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