Yamaha Montage Daw Remote MIDI Setup in Logic Pro X


Just recently purchased Logic Pro X and the new white Montage showed up from Yamaha at the same time, so I figured it would be a good time to checkout the daw remote functionality on the Montage.

I dig hands on control, so this is a great way for me personally to get familiar with sequencing in Logic Pro X.

The daw remote works with other hosts but I’ve only seen setup info for Pro Tools and Cubase, figured I’d do one for Logic since I was looking for it myself.

Anyone using the Montage in this way? Curious to hear your experiences.

If you’re interested in buying a Montage check it out at zZounds: http://bit.ly/Montage6

*I’ve been a customer of zZounds for many years, love their payment plan! Purchasing through my links helps the site/channel. The prices are the same for you but as an affiliate I get a small percentage for any sales I refer, thanks!

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