Why Is Boxed Music Software Better Than Downloaded Software?


Native Instruments Boxed Software Is Better…

Look, you may think I’m crazy, but hear me out first! I’m coming from a hardware background, I like to get a box, open it and pull out my gear.

With my newfound move into software production, I’m just getting used to things, and trying to find my way. But, I am not new to software by any means.

I buy and use software at work all day long, I buy and use software for non music related things, and man I noticed something today.

Download only software pretty much sucks!


Okay, I KNOW it’s the same software, and I KNOW it functions the same…but there is something about the experience of holding it in your hand.

I have found this to be especially true for me, when it comes to software music tools. Sure, most companies offer download versions, or some offer ONLY download versions, but if I have the option to get a box, I’m ON IT.

The packaging even makes me want to use the software that much more!Native Instruments 2 It’s like yeah man…I just got this joint!

I like to read the packaging, look at it, then open it up and see what’s inside.

Some just offer the cd/dvd, but others have actual manuals, flyers, coupons, etc. So is boxed software really better than downloaded software?

No, it’s the same…but getting a box from the store or in the mail and then installing it, gives you a different experience than just  downloading and installing.

Of course, this is just my opinon…but that’s what you come here for right?

Yeah…see ya!

Oh yeah, stay tuned for the actual reviews of these new BOXED software programs from Native Instruments.


  1. Dude… not gonna lie, you are kinda buggin’ a little… 😉 Naw, but I totally understand you dude. It’s just a different feeling when you can hold that sum bee in your hand.

    • I feel ya Paul, but sometimes it’s worth the wait. A lot of times, they will give you the download anyway if you buy the boxed version, so in that case, you just paying extra for the hardcopy manual, box, cd/dvd and whatever else is in there.

      I love it tho!

    • welcome to the site SS! yeah man, it’s definitely a different experience and with the box sitting there, our mind automatically equates that with more value, it’s true.

      I just think download only doesn’t have the same feel, almost like I got it off some torrent site lol.

      A box says “hey, I paid for this!” lol

      ahh well, sometimes download is the only option and that’s fine with me. But if I can get a box, I will.

  2. Thanks for the nice welcome. You really have a great site and i found it earlier as i was looking for Kore 2 before i bought it. So only thing thats missing is a review for Maschine 😉

    Have a great weekend bro 🙂


    • Maschine review will be coming soon! They had them on backorder directly from NI, but I promise I will be reviewing it shortly! I would say early august it will be up, with all the shipping and reviewing to do.

      thanks for stopping by man! I hope you come back and bring your friends 🙂

      Aren’t you on the NI forums too?


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