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Are Drums Bangin?

croupIf you’ve been around sounds and sample libraries for a while you know that a lot of times things tend to be more the same than different.


If you’ve been around any hip hop or underground music forums then you’ve no doubt heard about Croup!  Croup is a producer of that classic, “golden era” sound of course with his own style.

But we aint talkin bout croup the producer, we talking bout croup the sound designer!

Yes, I’m sure many of you have heard of the legendary “Deadly Drums” from Croup.  Not to be confused, croup is the originator of deadly drums, there is ONLY ONE.  He has been selling his drum kit via forums and myspace for quite a while.

Anytime they are mentioned, they are stated as being “must-haves” for any producer.

You know I had to find out for myself, because I too have ran into a post or two about croup and his drums.

And I must confess, I got my hands on a demo of his kit years ago and they remain in my toolbox…well, until he sent over the full collection for review. So let’s see whatsup with them. Deadly Drums

Dirty, hard, ruff, rugged, nasty, crunchy, BANGIN! Just a few words that come to mind when you crack open this treasure chest of head noddin potion.

I didn’t know what to expect when opening this package, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Not only were there drum sounds, but Croup included instrument snippits and riffs, bass, and  even sfx to help you fill out your tracks.

Not only do you get the ingredients for the foundation of your track, but you can make a complete tracks with the sounds in this kit.

Most importantly, the drum are HARD.  Nothing pisses me off more than to read the discription of a drum kit, claiming to be hard, bangin, or whatever…only to get a collection of impotent drum sounds. Check the video to see what I mean. Croup brings the ruckus on this one. Filthy Drums

filthydrumscdA little while later, after everyone praised him for deadly drums, croup followed up with part 2.

Filthy drums picks up where deadly drums left off, croup decided to focus mainly on drums for this volume.

Realizing people usually have their own sounds and samples, but that being the fanatical beat fiends that we are, we are CONSTANTLY looking for fresh, bangin, drum sounds.

Some will remain purists, and chose to chop and mold their own drums…more power to ya!  I do that too, but I don’t sleep on the fact that other people have records, gear, or even a different ear than I do.

All that comes in to play. And when you want a stash of high calibur sounds at your disposal, you MUST build up a solid drum library.

Filthy drums comes with that same deep, crunchy, dirty, sexy, head bangin feel you want from your drums.  Not for the raido friendly bubble gum pop tunes (not that there’s anything wrong with those) These are those of you that like to walk on the dirtier side of the track.  Peep the video.

So What’s The Verdict?

verdictBasically, if you produce any type of rugged, drum heavy, boom bap, underground, dirt on ya fingers, gutter, non bubble gum music then this is the kit to have.

Forget the bull, forget the “purity” of diggin for drums, please add these to your collection.  Yes, you can still eq and layer and all the good stuff….but…if you start wit trash…you can’t cover trash up.

Any true drum fanatic will fall in love immediately.

The sounds have punch, they are clear, not distorted, but definitely bangin!

I’ve tried many drum sounds, from commercial to free libraries, and I too chop up and create my own drums.

But I’ve got to say, the drums in this kit are amazing.

Now, I don’t think you’ll use every single sound…I only need a few dope kicks and snares to make a kit worth my while.

I think there is something here for everyone.

Croup told me he’s working on more kits, maybe even some more “commercial” sounding stuff.


We have plenty commercial bubble gum pop libraries for when we want to get our sexy on…please…please…please keep bringin us the funk.

How Many Subs Does Croup Get?

You know, if any kit was worth 5 subs this would be it.  But I always have to push sound designers to grow…so I’ve got to go with a 4.5 out of 5 subs.

The drums knock, they can lay the proper foundation for any track…but I had to deduct a half point because he threw in some lil sexy claps.

Not that I don’t like sexy claps, but not in a collection called deadly drums or filthy drums.  I don’t like to box people in, but Croup is known for those gutter, hardcore, dirty, nasty, dust in ya fingers from they backroom record collection type drums…and that’s where I want to see him live.

Many companies claim to have bangin sounds, they claim to have that punch, that meat, that dirt we need.  In my years, I’ve found that few really deliver.

Croup does, plain and simple.


Go on over and checkout and listen to the samples.

Grab the kit.

Make Bangers.



  1. hey man, great review! I got these drums today and you are 100% right, they BANG. I know this is a really old review, but I’d love to know which snare that was on the first video?

    I got that kit, but cant find that snare. If you can find it out, hit me up at Thanks, and great site! peace

  2. thats cool, no prob. Cant wait to start makin some beats with these, they might become my go to kit too. glad I found this site, those other drums from traumah are dope too. I was thinking they sound just like battlcats drums, then I saw all his videos actually with battlecat, lol. anyways, feel free to drop me emails whenever you get new stuff up on the site. peace.


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