Roland JX-8P Model Expansion on the Fantom-06 Keyboard


One of the dope things about the Roland Fantom is the ability to expand it with new engine models based on vintage Roland synths. As an owner of the System-8, I am very familiar with their modeling technology. Though it isn’t quite the same tech as in the System-8 plug-out synths, the model engines are still very well done.

Since I own a JX-3p, and they didn’t have the JX-8p on the System-8, I decided to purchase the model engine for the Fantom. I think it is a great way to expand your synth, and also get access to some vintage tones. Plus, the way they lay it out on the synth makes it very easy to program.

Definitely worth checking out in my opinion.

Buy the Fantom-06:–1786589/item–ROLFANTOM06?siid=316515

Checkout the JX-8P model expansion:

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