Video Tools: Remove Vocal Noise With Sound Forge Audio Studio 12


Another tool that has become a standard part of my video toolkit is Sound Forge Audio Studio 12.

This is the “simplified” version of Sound Forge, but don’t let that fool you, this program is powerful!

I wasn’t a previous user of Sound Forge, but as a long time user of the Vegas software line, Magix sent over a copy for me to check out.

I didn’t know how I’d integrate it, but figured it would be worth a try, plus it came with Ozone Elements, which is a plus!

I had some vocals that were recorded without my headset, so there was a little noise in the background, I figured I’d test their audio restoration tools to see if it could get close to what I was used to from Izotope’s RX.

Well….I found it to be even better for my use, it was quicker to get exactly what I was looking for, the controls were simple, plus it just sounded good with no artifacts or thinning out of vocal frequencies.

Definitely a tool to checkout if you’re using an onboard mic or just want a quick way to clean up your audio for videos (or any audio editing in general)

I also use it to capture audio for product demos and tutorials.

Grab your copy:ย

Any Sound Forge users out there? If so, how are you using it in your workflow?


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