I Built a Silent 12-Core PC with 128GB of Ram!


I built my last PC back in 2011, it recently died a few months ago and rather than fix it I decided it was time to upgrade.

I went with a 12-core AMD Ryzen process, based it on the Silent Base 601 case from be quiet!, and threw 128gb of ram along with 4tb of ssd storage into it. Oh and an 8gb video card. This joint should treat me well for a long time!

The main thing I wanted was a PC that could handle my 4k video editing without a problem, I don’t do much production on this PC as my setup is more out of the box, along with dedicated computers for NKS/Software instruments.

I will use this for capturing/recording some audio though, mainly for sound design, but I have the option to use it for regular production work if I want to based on how I spec’d it out. I like to give myself options.

So far, it is running pretty silent, even under load when editing/rendering 4k I can barely hear the fans running. I dig it!

Here’s the parts list if you’re interested

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  1. What up Joe? What type of Connectivity did you get? Usb, Thunder bolt Usb-c? Apple is getting on my nerves right now, looking at getting a PC and spec it out for audio and video production.

    • Went all USB, USB A, C, 3, 2, etc lol. AMD didn’t have many, if any motherboards with Thunderbolt (Intel tech) and with this motherboard I went with two NVMe drives so I couldn’t drop a Thunderbolt card in or the second drive would run slower.

  2. Great stuff dude. I’m looking to build a PC, having been using a Mac for years. I’ve finally decided it will be good to have something that can be upgraded over the years. This info will come in handy. Cheers!

    P.S. You CPU link isn’t completely highlighted so when you click it, it just goes to Amazon’s main page rather than the product page.

    • Nice! Yeah I use both, for different reasons. But I always tend to build my own desktop PC, more flexible and I can future proof it as much as budget allows lol. Thanks for the catch on CPU link, I’ll fix it.

  3. Great video. I gather tgat this PC build was only for your video editing world. I only watch your digital music reviews. So, it doesn’t look like this build included adding those essential TB3 motherboards and TB3 and usb 3.0 ports, if one wants to, let’s say, run UAD hardware and their proprietary DSP and unison plugins, without going Mac. I’m still on a usb apollo twin and usb octo satellite, until I get it together to do a PC build with TB3. I gave the parts all planned and my tech will build it( I’m nit at your comfort level, lol). If you have done a TB3 build for running YAD and PT, please let us know. You’re a great educator

    • Thanks for watching! Yes as mentioned this is mainly for video but I also spec’d for audio. I can run all of my software with no problem if I want, I do not use UAD so Thunderbolt wasn’t a concern. Though I almost did it to run it with my Motu, but so far USB is fine. It has USB 3.0 ports on it, I also added an additional USB 3.0 pcie card from my old build so I have plenty of ports without needing a hub currently.

      On the audio side it will mainly handle sound design, some sampling/recording, and mostly FX plugins. But I can run a production rig from it if I choose too.


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