Arturia Matrixbrute: Initial Thoughts…Best Synth Ever?


Got my hands on an Arturia Matrixbrute a couple of weeks ago, and once I got it hooked up I was blown away from the first time I played it.

Not only does this thing look amazing, but sounds incredible and is super fun to play.

It literally is a beast, but the way it is laid out makes it very easy to navigate and interact with.

Just wanted to share my initial thoughts on this synth, in my opinion, this is the best synth I’ve played…ever.

I’ll probably do some more videos in the future on various aspects of the synth that I like but wanted to at least give you an overall idea of how I feel about it.

Yes, it’s been out for a while, but hey, it’s new to my lab and has definitely made itself a home!

Grab one here:Β

If you have one let me know what you’re favorite features are


  1. That’s a beast. I was always wondering about the build quality; big purchase.
    Good review. Probably coming out with a newer model for 18 soon.-I recon.
    This one is good for now and then since it has everything now.


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