Using iRig Stomp with AmpliTube & JamUp iPad Apps on my 1972 Rhodes


I’m always looking for ways to change my tone up, and I like to do things outside of plugins on the computer when I can. Dedicated fx pedals, boxes, etc, have always interested me.

The other night I was about to record some Rhodes parts and wanted to change the tone of my Rhodes, so I pulled out my old iPad 2, connected iRig Stomp from IK Multimedia, and loaded up the AmpliTube and JamUp apps.

They both model various pedals, cabinets, and amps, so I can have my Rhodes sounding like it’s connected to all types of hardware, with a very minimal setup.

I’d still love to have some dedicated fx, pedals, and other units to run the Rhodes through, but this setup is super flexible and creative for me right now.

Have you used any iOS apps for FX purposes? If so, let me know how you’re integrating it!

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