One Kit: Soul Provider – Making a Beat on the MPC X


This time around I’m using one of the kits from the Akai Pro Soul Provider expansion for the MPC, created in collaboration with my squad at MSX Audio.

Again, the idea is the just take one kit, and use whatever is in that kit, to make a beat or at least get an idea down.

The whole point is to not overthink it, just let the creativity and inspiration flow and see what happens.

Feel free to join in and your own, it’s something I’ve done for years and always helps me stay creative.

You can also grab the Soul Provider expansion from the SoundsAndGear Shop at the link below

Akai Pro Soul Provider MPC Expansion

Let me know what you think!


  1. Not bad. I’ve always been a fan of MSX Audio Sample Libraries. Have you played around with the new Auto Sample feature yet? I need to bite the bullet and get the MPC X though. I’m working with the MPC Live right now.

    • Word fam! Yeah I’ve tried it, it’s cool for getting some quick instruments setup, takes some work if you want to use looping, crossfades, etc though. You want and X, and I want a Live lol. Having both has always been my idea of a dope setup. Live for on the go, X for in the lab hahahaha.


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