Sample Magic’s “The Producer’s Manual” by Paul White review


Hey what’s good fam, it’s Friday, time for some Big Fish

Today I’m not reviewing a new instrument or collection of samples

Today I’m reviewing a book!

Now before you turn and run the other way, give me a few minutes, as I think you’ll like this one

I’m reviewing “The Producer’s Manual” from Sample Magic

It’s probably not what you think…but let’s check it out and see

What is The Producer’s Manual?

This is a huge 350+ page book written by Paul White, editor at Sound on Sound.

The book aims to cover all aspects of mixing, recording, and even mastering your music.

It covers everything from the history of recording, to mics, to all the common types of fx processors and more.

You get information about studio acoustics, various settings on compressors, filters, eq, limiters, reverbs and all that.

He shows step by step instructions on setting up various things like parallel compression, parallel dynamics, proper mic distance for vocals, how to record guitar, acoustic instruments, bands…man…it’s a ton of stuff

Quick Specs

  • format: soft-cover book
  • price: $46.95

Thoughts on the book?

I really love this book.

Not only is it a joy to look at thanks to it’s awesome design and layout, but it’s also easy to read/digest.

The information is organized in a way that makes it easy to grab what you need.

Small paragraphs, lots of descriptive pictures, step by step tutorials, pro tips and little quotes, all add up to a wonderful collection of information.

This is not a “how to make a beat” book, this is a book that will give you a better understanding of everything from what fx you choose to how you layout your track and preparing for vocals.

It’s really got the contents of a mixing/engineering and music production course….right there in the book.

Now I’m not saying schooling is wrong, but even if you’re in school for music recording/production, you should have this book.

And if you’re one of the many who like to “go it alone” this book is a MUST have.

It is written in a way that makes it easy to understand, not talking over your head or expecting you to know a bunch of fancy terminology.

Even if you don’t know a certain word…there’s a glossary.

I give this book 5 out of 5 subs, it’s really an indispensible book that I think anyone involved in music production, recording, or mixing should have

It really caters to the home, bedroom, and project studio folks as well, but is useful for professional studio producers and engineers as well.

Bottom line is, get the book, period.

Check out some demo pages to get an idea:  The Producer’s Manual sample pages

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  1. i been wanting to grab this. Does section 3 actually tell you how to record. For example if your recording drums, does it show you how t0 mic properly?

    • @Sergiu, it’s very useful, not sure what anyone could have bad to say about it…maybe the title mislead some folks. But either way, I just want to share my opinion and give a true idea of what’s in it…it’s a must have in my opinion.

  2. Sitting here cleaning the dots on a Technics 1200mk2, dirt n grime on my fingers from wet sanding them dots down.. and decided to check my email and take a lil break. Then saw this.. man.

    I am overly impressed with this book. the lay out alone has the visual comforts of many magazines I frequent. But the plethora of info inside is simply overwhelming. This is definitely going on my bookshelf, and I have been either playing an instrument or recording since 12(20+yrs).
    Many of these kind of books are niche, and expandable.. But some that come out, are simply required reading if you take your craft seriously. Donald Passman “everything you need to know about the music business, and David Gibson “The art of mixing” come to mind.. And This certainly is one of those books.

    Now we just someone to do a good book on “How to make hit records for dummies and newbs” and life would be grand. Or at least maybe the music would be better. Im hopeful.

  3. It’s good to hear your take. I’ve purchased their previous publication and habitually keep going back to it, like it’s calling me or something 😀 I think they both get the point accross well for the reader to use as a point of guidance and not so much as a “how to make a hit kit”. For the creativity and developed talent are up to the individual. Reads like these I feel are made to take the presented knowledge and expand upon it to suit your individual purposes. Perhaps those that bad mouth it think it’s supposed to be Wonka’s Golden Ticket?

  4. Great review and great book!!

    Why ur monitors so far apart though? 😛 Shouldn’t they be spaced equidistant to the distance from your ear to the tweeter?


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