UVI Soundsource Retro Organs review


Yo what’s good fam!

It’s been a while since I reviewed something from UVI Soundsource, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been using their products.

Truth is, 8 out of 10 times something from this company makes it into my music

I dig em….no need to hide that

Today I’m doing a review on their Retro Organs library

Let’s peep it!

What is Retro Organs?

Uhhmmmm….hmmm, I would say it’s a….uhhhhhh…..well….

Library dedicated to retro/vintage organ sounds 🙂

This isn’t like a Kontakt library where it has a deep interface and other bells and whistles.

Nor does it employ any form of sound modelling…it’s all straight up, sampled from the source goodness.

What this means is, instead of having drawbars for instance, you get various presets of the most commonly used drawbar settings. Instead of controlling the rotary or guitar amp and such…you get different presets recorded through various amps, speakers, and mics.

These guys focused on getting the proper sound instead of modelling it. Makes for an easy to use library too

Quick Specs

  • content: 3gb
  • format: UVI Workstation
  • price: $99

How does it sound?

This is why I really dig the UVI libraries, they always have a warm and organic sound.

This library is no different. While many libraries focus on getting the cleanest sound possible and then adding FX, it seems to me that UVI focuses on getting the “realest” sound possible, at times sampling through fx, amps, and anything else to capture the real fell and grit of the instrument.

The Organ is a gritty instrument, it’s a funky instrument, it’s a dirty instrument….all that character is here in the library, from the smooth to the full drawbar sound, all the way to the weird fx and textures included.

Great recording, warm sound, organic feel…..the sound is where it makes it’s statement….. “I got what you need”

What’s the bototm line?

While many libraries today focus on super nice interfaces (which I like) and tons of control options (also like) UVI stays focused on the things that make a library worth having.

How it sounds.

When I play these, I feel a certain way, many of them sound like they could have been lifted straight from the masters of some of the most classic organ recordings. Soul, funk, jazz, rnb, rock….all there in one neat and tidy package.

I think there’s something to be said about taking all the options out of the way so you don’t spend time tweaking and instead having a huge collection of ready to go sounds that capture the exact tone you’re looking for.

Retro Organs does that and does it well. The drawbar instruments are some of my favorites, but that’s the type of sound I like from an organ, and man does it sound nice and warm

I give this library 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s a really great sound that gets straight to the point of sounding good. No gimmicks, no extra steps needed, just load and play!

It’s no secret I’m a fan of UVI for this reason, their focus on organic sounding libraries is just my type of thing.

Checkout the demos and even download the “making of” manual from the site: UVI Retro Organs

The manual is pretty cool at giving you a glimpse into the thought and idea behind the library

what do you think?

let me know below

UVI Soundsource Retro Organs review
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  1. And a lot folks say 24/96 makes no difference..riiight.

    Typical UVI polish and roundness. I just still get a hardware vibe from the fact their sounds have a discernible character.

    Dope run through as always Joe.

    This is first time I’ve been here since I got my RME. It’s like your sitting on the desk yo. Crispy clarity.


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