Roland System 8 vs Vintage JX3P Analog Synth


I always thought the Roland System 8 was a great synth with really dope tech inside. As someone who has been using Roland gear for many years (first keyboard was a Fantom S), I enjoy the Roland sound. My vintage JX3P is probably my favorite synth in my collection. So once I finally got a System 8, I wanted to compare the jx3p plug-out to the actual analog synth.

In some parts it is dead on, in other situations there’s a difference. Overall though, I think they did a great job, the System 8 is a dope synth, probably my favorite “new” digital synth by far. Plenty of hands on control, 4 synths in one, fx, and the ability to customize the synth engines to your preference. Roland made a winner with this one, would be cool if they released some more plug-outs for it.

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