Checking out Osiris Bi-Fidelity Wavetable Eurorack Module from Modbap Modular



My pre-order for the Osiris wavetable module from Modbap Modular arrived this weekend so I immediately threw it into my rack and started playing around with it.

I’ve known about the module and even heard demos for quite a while, but nothing beats having it in your own setup.

The first thing I notice about it, is that this is a very flexible module! I can get so many different tones out of it easily, when usually I feel most wavetable synths sound the same.

Being able to quickly add a sub osc to the mix beefs it up instantly, and then the timber modes give you different types of wave-shaping style qualities directly in the module.

There’s so much tucked into this module, not to mention that the sub osc can be following a totally separate pitch than the main osc, so you basically can have two oscillators from this module depending on how you set it up.

I’ve been experimenting even more with it since this video, right now I have the sub osc going to it’s own input on my 4 channel mixer. So now I can control the level of each oscillator separately, but I also have a direct output of the sub on its own channel.

Since my mixer has mute switches, I can totally mute the main osc and just use the sub as a bass synth. And the bass on this joint is crazy! I like a smooth deep bass, turning the sub osc slightly past the sine towards the triangle is pure magic.

I haven’t even explored adding my own waves to it, but safe to say this module is definitely a staple in my rack already.

I suggest you head on over to Modbap Modular and check this out:

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