One Kit: Velvet Lounge – Making a Beat with Maschine MK3


One of the things I’ve loved to do for years to spark creativity is to limit myself to making a beat idea with only the sounds from a single kit.

I do this in Maschine, MPC, Live, or whatever else I’m using. I’ve also done exercises where I only use one instrument, or one plugin.

With so many options sometimes it’s cool to just let the music flow and not overthink things, it definitely gets my creativity flowing.

Sometimes it’s a keeper, other times it’s not, but the exercise is helpful and fun either way.

I thought it would be cool to just turn the camera on and record these short exercise, just to see what happens as well as showing what type of inspirational sounds are available in some of these kits.

Let me know what you think, and feel free to join in and do your own!

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