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Taking a look at Native Instruments FM8


Welcome back to another edition of Native Experience where we take a look at the various plugins,

software, and production tools created by Native Instruments and sent over for me to review.

Today we are looking at FM8, their sexy fm synthesis machine.

For those that don’t know what fm synths are, go look it up, that’s not the point of this article.

I’m sure many of you, Β like me, don’t care so much what FM synths are, but how the sound!

My firs impressions of FM8

fm8 cpu usageThe first thing I noticed about fm8 compared to a lot of other plugins I’ve messed with is that it treats my cpu like a delicate flower…yes, it’s light on the cpu

This is great for those of us that don’t have a super system or that want to save our cpu cycles for things like fx and such.

Good job NI!

How easy is it to use?

fm8 navigationVERY!!

I absolutely LOVE how native instruments structures their plugins, they are very powerful yet they make it easy to get in and tweak or create you own sounds, no need to get a degree in calculus, assymetrical wombat engineering, or anything that makes your brain hurt.

Just turn it on and play it!

It has all the features you need right along the side of the plugin, and you get quick access to sounds, fx, arpeggiator, master settings, and the synth engine itself.

a’verry nice!

How does FM8 sound

This is really what you came to read about right?fm8 sound browser

In my opinon it sounds awesome. Β Personally, when I think fm synths, I think of the Yamaha dx7 and it’s sexy electric Β piano sounds.

FM8 has those, but the dx also did some crazy synth stuff.

I can’t explain all the particulars of how fm synths work their magic, all I care about is do they sound good.

This synth is very versatile, from sexy ep and organs, to deep basses, peirce your tounge leads and fat, juicy, OH MY GOD that sounds good pads

In my own music I find myself going to fm8 rather frequently because of it’s variety, ease on cpu, and dope sound.

So should you get it?
Native Instruments FM8 Soft Synth

I like to keep things short and sweet, if you want long drawn out articles that just repeat everything from the spec sheet go to the other guys.

I get in, find what matters to US, and give it to ya straight!

YES, you need this synth in your toolbox. Again, it’s very easy to find sounds you need and the variety is outstanding.

I must repeat again how easy it is on my cpu.

Download the demo at or get Native Instruments FM8 Soft Synth from one of my favorite online gear spots.

either way it goes, you need to spend some alone time with FM8….now excuse me…my synth is calling

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