Will Beat Kangz Beat Thang Change The Game?


thumb_thangThe specs on the Beat Thang from BeatKangz look crazy. It comes with more ram standard than many drum samplers can be exapnded to, it comes with 3000 on-board sounds, not just drums.

It can use sd cards, 32 gb each, for a total of 64gb of INSTANT storage, that you don’t have to wait to load.

Separate track lengths, yes, each track can have it’s own length. Onboard sampling, 1gb of sound rom with 4o0mb left open for those of us that don’t have sc cards on hand, we can still get it going.

The sequencer resolution is the same as my mpc 4000, I could go on.

If you haven’t heard about it, you should check it out on their website. www.beatkangz.com

beat thang virtual

If you have, let me know what you think about it.

Oh yeah…they have a virtual beat thang too! All the specs/sounds of the hardware, in software format.

It’s out now, and it integrates fully with the hardware, whcih ships in October.

I’m trying to get my hands on both, so I can give you the low down.

So what you think about that?


  1. This is great for those that have little to no equipment to work with. I really dont see the point in buying the software then buying the same exact thing in hardware form…thats redundant to me. I saw from the videos on the website that it works as a stand alone type program like reason. It would probably be better if we could import it as a VST or RTAS plugin.

    It’ll definitely change the game because it’ll give ANYONE access to make a beat with little to no learning curve…which will drive competition up the wall. Everyone is going to be able to call themselves a producer now…

    • The point is that having the hardware, you’re mobile, you get hands on workflow, and all that jazz…plus, you get the flexibility to use something that works directly with the software.

      Imagine if Reason had a direct hardware version that interlocked with it. Work on the computer…take it with you in the hardware, and bring it back to the computer. seamless.

      I think when they pull this off, a lot of companies will need to duck and run for cover.

  2. From what I’ve seen this unit will definitely get some shine, especially for the frequent traveler (nothing is worse than having something in your head and not having the means to capture the concept while you’re out and about). If this kit lives up to spec when it hits the streets there’s a lot under the hood for what it can do. Now if they make it a hybrid product like NI’s Maschine eyebrows will be raised and bank accounts suffering. Speaking of Maschine, BeatThang does have some parallels minus the portability usage. Hmm, now if they add few more real-time controllers (rotaries,ribbon strips) and plug-in functionality NI might have to get back to the lab because this Thang might start stepping on their toes a bit.
    Perhaps this is a sign that the market may begin to take a more “Beats-to-Go” ideology and may finally lead to us the customers getting the functionality that suits us best as opposed to what’s dictated to us (ala’ you can only make the hottest beats like this with this). A closing thought what if BeatThang & Maschine allowed for open-source development & testing by users? Not to sound greedy…but I’m just sayin’!

    • Yeah man, the portability mixed with the power of it is a major concern for the established vendors yo!

      The stock ram is more than most can be expanded to!

      It runs on a battery, and unlike most samplers, it’s a full rompler, not just drum sounds but drums and instruments, already inside!

      Man…I can’t wait, the more I talk about it the more excited I get.

      • Joe, I am having problems running the software in Ableton. When I try to write a pattern and it glitches and sounds like a mess.
        Is there a stand alone version or how to I get it to operate as a stand alone. Thanks

        • @DJ DANIEL, yes you get the standalone version and vst together, you should look in your beat kangz folder and find the program icon, set it as a shortcut on your desktop, you should be able to start it from there

  3. I can’t wait for this piece of hardware to come out. It looks incredible and well thought about in terms of sounds storage and the look is crazy.
    Again I love to see products coming out that have been thought about people who want other people to create MUSIC. Straightforward, the right inputs and outputs and portable, rechargeable battery. Now that’s thinking. Where has everyone else been. Always giving you one thing and not another. This is going to be big, I know I’m going to get one. Beat beat BEATZ!!

    • yeah man, they hit the nail on the head with this one. I’m def gonna be supporting them, you’ll see a bunch more coverage on the site as I find out more.

      but yeah man, it’s crazy, straight up.

  4. I think this can be great! I got the original drummachine (zoom Sb246) that beatkangs did the sounds and samples on. And it got real good samples! But this interface looks 100% better! The going all out with this one!

  5. its cool to have the drum machine and all but isnt a laptop portable enough have the software and all your other programs in a laptop and thats on the go other then the cool interface the hardware has thats ill

    • Sure, if you want a laptop. But then you still need a controller….and an interface if you want to sample something. With this, you can have it by itself, with a mic, and be good. The idea of a truly portable sampling/workstation is dope, just have to wait and see when it drops. I’ll definitely be doing a review on it!

  6. ooh….another crazy gear to buy..
    Virtual version.It`s not a VST, isn`t it?
    would be better runs in VST.
    think we can re-wire this tool to ableton like the others
    better try virtual version..
    if I purchase this item, then simply i can download it on their web site right?
    when they gonna release hardware?

      • thank you thank you~! I checked beatkangzbeatthang.com it was helpful.
        Seriously,what do you think about KITS and SAMPLES they got?
        I can check a few kits while I watching your video or on the net but it looks whole lots more inside. could you give me more detalis about it?
        ofcource if you`re okay with it.

        God bless and have a nice weekend.

        • No problem. The kits in there are really dope. The drums are incredible, everything from acoustic to club styles, even vinyl kits. Really good. I also like a lot of the guitar riffs in there, they are nice. The synths and strings are cool, but I really love the kits and riffs in there.

  7. Alright…its about time but still not what I was expecting (my #1 priority is being able to use BTV as a VST but that is supposed to be coming in a few weeks with version 2.0).

    Beat Kangz just released the update to Beat Thang Virtual.
    1.21 is now on their website.

    Here is what it covers:
    1. Enhanced multi-timbral functionality: For all the heads that wish to use the sounds of BTV, but sequence from an external hardware device, we now have a separate multi-timbral mode. Just enable it in the systems dialogue, and you can use BTV as a tone module for your MPC or other MIDI hardware or software sequencer. (see new manual download for specifics).

    2. Increased stability. Includes many crash fixes that you guys reported. (will be listed in formal crash fixes doc.)

    3. Better handling of PACE installations, authorizations and updates.

    4. New Tempo functionality. Tempo window now deals with decimal places. Just hold the shift key and adjust tempo for more precise tempo definition.

    5. On the surface, it may not seem like much, but under the hood we added enhanced functionality that makes it possible to upgrade to version 2.0 for use as a plugin in your DAW. Within a matter of weeks, we will begin to release subsequent updates that implement AU and VST support for Logic, Live and then Cubase. Having 1.2.1 will position you to make the best use of these upgrades. And remember, all you early adopters get it for free.

    6. Enhanced Snow Leopard support. Many OSX 10.6 bugs fixed.

    I know it’s been a long wait, and we appreciate all of you early adopters that have supported us from the beginning and been so patient as we add features. We pay serious attention to your feed back so please keep it coming. You are helping us to make BTV a truly world class production tool.

    • @Madbull1971, yeah man, vst/plugin needs to happen but I’m glad to see multi-timbral functions. We’ll see how it goes with the rest of the updates. Still, I want to know whasup with the hardware, that was my whole point of interest in this thing.

  8. I got a email today saying the hardware has been released but it’s exclusively at best buy, that’s weird…and the price is now about $1500 instead of $999 like it was advertised in the past. I was thinking about buying this before but I don’t know about now. Note: you still get $150 discount if you own the Beat Thang software but I’m thinking that they could give you a bigger discount since they upped the price by $500, right?

    • @Madbull Studios, bestbuy has the pro music stores in many of their locations now. The $1499 is too high imo, 999 or lower was a better deal. The discount don’t mean much now since they added an extra 500 onto the price. Many bought the virtual to get 150 off the 999.

      Hardware itself is built pretty decently, it’s the OS that concerns me. Either way, I’m sure they will do good and I wish them well but that price is just too high for what they are offering.

      • @saintjoe, Yeah bro $1500 is steep. I don’t even use the software anymore (not that the sounds wasn’t banging) too many issues with the software when trying to bit-bridge to 64-bit and still no 64-bit version of beat thang. Not a good look.

        • @Madbull Studios, yessir…they should have kept the price lower. But we will see if they fix and improve it or not. I still got the test unit over here…will see if they send any updates or ask for it to be sent back 😉

          I got most of the sounds in Maschine, the drums anyway. Don’t use them much though

  9. I’m such a gear whore. I played with this and now I really want it. Even though I have a feeling it will frustrate the piss out of me lol. I just need to hold out for iMaschine. Just 10 more days…10 more days.

  10. I just brought the Beat Thang hardware today. Should ship out today or Monday. I been wanting one since I first saw it in 2009. I hope I’m not wasting my money. The hardware looks sweet and seems like it would’ve been decent to have had with me when I was in Tampa the past couple of weeks. At least I would have been able to mess around with some ideas plus its small and portable enough without getting me totally volated at the damn airport 🙂

    • @Madbull Studios, that’s the main reason I dig it, it’s portable. As said, I’ve had it from a very early version so I’ve got to see it change and grow, honestly, they are more commited to fixing the issues and stability than I thought they would be, so it gives me hope that in the end it will be a very dope lil box. Some things take getting used to, but being able to bang out on the plane, airport, hotel, without a laptop is dope. Plus it can power a midi controller so with this and a mini keyboard you’re good. Lemme know if you have any questions.

    • @Madbull Studios, I got mine, and honestly, I’m really happy with it. It’s killer for mobile son! I’m on the train with it, getting crazy looks the whole way to and from work. Just messing with it. I’m getting the hang of it fairly fast. Don’t forget to register it so you can get your Dallas Austin sample pack from the website. lol

  11. @SaintJoe, I’m looking forward to getting it. Bro, if I have any questions you’ll be the first person I’ll hit up…I know you are probably a pro with that thang now 🙂

    @Nekkron, glad you liking that joint bro. Lately my job got me traveling out a lot so it’s keeping my away from making tracks so hopefully this solution will work for me so I can put some work in on what I really like to do “some music” lol.
    Thanks for the heads up on the sample pack.

    • @Madbull Studios, No doubt fam, it will def serve it’s purpose since you’re mobile a lot. Just grab you a lil mini controller and you’re good. Or even just take a 25 key wit you, BT will power it via usb. Like any gear, it has it’s quirks but they are easily worked around, and like I said, I’ve been impressed by them actually fixing and working on development of the OS

  12. I just received the BeatThang hardware Thursday night. Unpacked it and charge it up. That thing has got some weight to it and it seems to be put together really well. So far I’m digging it. I haven’t connected it to my computer yet though. I’m still going through the videos but so far it’s straight forward. Not really feeling the time stretch method on here. I probably need to update the firmware on here too.

    But so far so good 🙂

  13. Nah, nothing is wrong with it. I just kept finding myself thinking, “Man, I wish this could do this like Beatmaker 2,” or “Beatmaker 2 is better at this part than Beat Thang.” Then I thought to myself, “Why am I not using Beatmaker 2?!” lol It made no sense to me to spend that kind of money on something that doesn’t do everything I want it to, when I already have something that does. I can even buy a new iPad 2 for more power in Beatmaker 2, and pocket over half what the Beat Thang costs. I didn’t grow up hardware though, so having physical buttons isn’t make or break for me.

    • @Nekkron99, I feel ya bro but I got a good deal on this Beat Thang…got it for $999 new. I have iPad 2 and I like Beatmaker but I just can’t get use to making beats on my iPad…yet. I mostly use it for music theory reference which is great because I can have it right next to the keyboard and don’t need to break out my books anymore if there is something I need to find quickly 🙂

        • @saintjoe, sure bro.There are a slew of apps I have see below.
          NOTE…Some of these are better than others but I tend to use RevChordPro & Octavian mostly or one of the other apps for sketching out ideas when I’m not at home. iPad2 is awesome for that.

          I have the following:
          Key Chords
          Star Scales
          Guitarist Ref
          Scale Wizard
          Pocket Piano
          Music Theory Pro

          You will really dig the iPad when you get it bro especially since it has so many different uses.

  14. lol…so did I. It came out to about $1200 after tax and protection plan. But I can do more on my iPad personally. I actually made a beat on it way faster. When I’m on the beat thang, I feel like I waste more time on it looking for sounds and messing with the chop than I do on beatmaker 2. It just works better for me, personally. I’m sure you are killin it already though. You seem like a hardware dude.

  15. This sounds really good. I like the flexibility for use in Kontakt and the different versions from the SP etc. Not bad for the price and you get both the 808 and 909 samples. But in all honesty for a true digital representation of the 808 and 909 drum machines D16 group, has got it sewed up. They are killing it! Check them out.

    • @SaabZen, Yeah I hear ya man, this is definitely good, I’m a bit more partial to samples of classic instruments/synths than new recreations, they seem to capture a bit more of the character. But I definitely agree that the d16 group plugins are awesome if you want a full experience of the old machines with the step sequencers and all. Thanks for the comment!

  16. Here’s my question. I just looked at the D16 909 emulator, and saintjoe is right: if you want that OG workflow, I can see how that’d be dope. However, I’m not partial to it. If I’m looking for just bomb 808 and 909 drum samples I can load up to make crunk beats, who do I look to? I’m partial to goldbaby, but what else is out there?

    • @BlackSoultan, check out HollowSun. They make some unusual plugins to give you a unique edge on your sound library and all work within Kontakt. They specialize in bringing back digital versions of sound sources forgotten about like old transistorized synths and vacuum keyboards from the 50’s. There’s currently a drum plugin with beatboxes which covers all the old skool stuff.

  17. www.musicweapons.com · Edit

    Once they are cut-up and edited, map them across a
    keyboard via MIDI and play around with patterns on top of your ‘pad sound’.
    Gotta wine and dine you for some of those points, too.
    There are more advantages in doing this today than there were before.

  18. Got one since few months , it is definitely dope , some crashes when you do a bad manip but i love to make beat with it , sounds dope and it’s not limitated


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