M-Paq Soulful Horn Licks Maschine expansion


Hey what’s good fam, just showing you the latest M-Paq library from mvploops

Yall know I work with many different sound companies to get them to do products in Maschine format, mvploops is one such company.

The M-Paq series is dedicated to providing content in Maschine format. This is from the Soulful series, and is featuring a bunch of soulful horn licks.

Check it out

Make sure you go over and peep their demos, pick up a copy if you dig it, and let them know I sent ya!

I made a demo kit for you as well so you can check it out yourself Soulful Horns Demo

Let me know what ya think below, it will have direct impact on future products!


  1. SJ: OM-Gosh…These sounds are “A Soul Man’s Dream”. If this company is going to release products like this,the loop game is going to change.”I’m All In” with this kit. Another great video review from “S&G’.com.

  2. Yea, sometimes for me too, when the network is slow vimeo didn’t work, it was just plain white no buttons, nor screen shots of the video.

    Unfortunately i don’t own maschine. Will it be useful to load as rex?

  3. This video taught me that I’ve been slicing my loops the ‘hard’ way in Maschine. This morn I figured out how you were doing it in the video. Thanks for the inadvertent tutorial!


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