Maschine MK2 Controller, Custom color kits, and Maschine stand


Well if you don’t know by now, Native Instruments released information about the refreshed/updated Maschine MK2 controllers with the color pads, similar to Traktor F1, as well as new customization kit options and a new Maschine stand. What do you think?

I personally feel it’s more of a refresh than anything, and it’s good that you will not be forced to upgrade to get 1.8

I like the screens on it, perfect for my videos, also hearing of better sensitivity in the pads as well as click feedback on the other buttons.

Also a more robust/heftier build quality

Is it something you’ll be getting?


  1. Thanks Joe. I got the news from you quicker than NI, lol!!

    I agree with you, man. I think the added functionality of the software called for some hardware refreshments. I hope they will implement a switch for first generation controllers if the changes are drastic to workflow(ie mikro).

    I guess we can expect an Oct 1 release for the update for current users.


    • yeah, it’s cool, we don’t NEED the new controllers and all the updates should work without it. Only thing you can’t do is change the colors of the pads and stuff, there are a few more updates like pad sensitivity and click feedback on the buttons too.

  2. This is a great video, and like you said I can see this just being a refresh. Good thing too, as I’m still building up my skill set I would have a tough decision on my hands if and if it was new, glad its not though!

    Thanks for the vid!

  3. this blows they should of had the white version a long time ago with the wood grain. As for the colored pads they should offer an upgrade you install yourself if you’d like. i understand the need for marketing with a new face and all but hows about thinking about the ppl who saved their hard earned money to get the first one. if you really aint changing features whats the point? i mean didn’t the micro JUST come out not to long ago. hows about spending that money on expanding the sound library or even offering the maschine expansions. SMDH

  4. That’s cool, change skins and colorful pads. I didn’t pick one up yet so that’s cool to know when I’m ready to purchase it. I’m waiting on the Ren.

  5. N.I. should give you a unit to demostrate all the new features and functions. They should also supply you with the faceplates and the stand so you can give a good thorough review. Feel free to forward this comment over to N.I. for added peer pressure support.

  6. I sign that petition instantly! If there’s one person that earns it its you, you do so much good for NI and NI customers you shoold get freebees from NI on everything! NI knows that so uhm what there waiting for? Wake up NI! lol

  7. Do i want this, Yes! do i need it NO! Will i get it…probly lol. All i really want is the next update, could care less about anything else. They should be focusing more on the software.

    @saintjoe dont now if you read this on there site but what do they mean by this?

    MASSIVE on board – legendary synth for all MASCHINE users

  8. Is it something that I’ll be getting?

    Well after almost sucking a few hundred dollars out of me to buy their Maschine midi controller, they wanted a few hundred more for the Komplete 8 upgrade when I already paid a few hundred for Komplete 7 just to make it integrate better?

    I paid half of what the actual thing costs because of the special they had earlier this month.
    I make pretty good money and have no debt but I couldn’t see myself paying the full amount for the original controller and I couldn’t imagine having to pay the full price twice for this upgrade.
    Besides, what would I get back for the old one?

    It’s excellent for the live stage performer but like most of their users, I’m an indoors take my time kind of musician and it’s way too expensive for me to justify needing too pay more than $325 which I believe was the actual price it cost to make.

    I just have a feeling that the 9.0 upgrade won’t work well if at all with the older version Maschine controller.

  9. What up saintjoe, you should get ahead of the curve and make us a massive review for those of us that never used it. I excited to see what creations come from this new update.

    • Word man, you still got a good deal straight up, the Ren controller hardware is nice, haven’t seen the final build of the studio but it’s cool, not as knob heavy as the Ren or Maschine. Software is what really matters with these things so we’ll have to see how Akai supports their software but it’s good for the industry and for producers to have multiple options as it keeps each company innovative.


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