Live Lounge RnB samples from Loopmasters


Back with another library from

Last time we checked out some jazzy hip hop from doodlebug

Today…gonna smooth it out a lil bit with some electro-chilled rnb sweetness

Now I know what you’re thinking…so stop

This isn’t your typical, radio-pop, construction kit type of rnb product ๐Ÿ™‚

So let’s get into it!

What is Live Lounge?

It’s a smooth RnB library that’s NOT a construction kit…nothing against them, it’s just…you know…

I like stuff that is just sounds and notย necessarilyย a construction kit.

This joint comes with loops, hits, single shot chords, and even kontakt instruments, gotta love it.

To my ears, it’s more of an electro infused version of rnb.

Very mellow, silky, and chilled.

Quick Specs

  • content: 1gb samples
  • format: wav, acid, rex, refill, ableton live, kontakt, apple loops, hailion, exs, stylus rmx, apple loops, nnxt
  • price: $47.71

How does it sound?

This is a really unique and nice collection. It’s not chasing the typical RnB that you hear on the radio…it’s way more chilled, with a hint of downtempoย airiness.

My type of stuff!

Acoustic, electric and synth bass loops, organs, eps, and acoustic pianos, strings, synths, percussion, guitar….all melt together into a smooth sonic buttery of sorts.

There’s a sort of “sheen” on these that’s hard to describe, it’s not really aย sparkleย type of sound but more of an ambient, lush sound.

I like how it’s organized, into sound folders, different types of sounds like loops and one-shots, and also sampler patches for those that use kontakt, exs, etc.

The sound is the most important, and it’s really, really smooth.

Well recorded, well played, and well organized, sounds like a winner to me!

So what’s the bottom line?

Great library, very unique and innovative how the perfectly meshed together so many different styles.

RnB, soul, electro, funk, downtempo, chillout…etc…it’s just plain ole good music.

I really love the layout and format of the library, it’s all about the sounds and not about the pre-made tracks.

I like that you get multisample patches so that you can play them in your sequencer/sampler of choice.

I would have liked to see some acoustic bass, strings, guitar, and synth patches available but overall it’s a really good collection.

I give Live Lounge 4 out of 5 subs, it’s really a refreshing library that lends itself to many diverse ways of working.

Go on and check out the demos at Live Lounge

Also download some free loops from the library to get a taste: Live Lounge Demo Loops

let me know what you think…leave a comment below!


  1. Yo Saint! The end Beat you made was dope as usual! Played the joint over and over from about 6:20 – 8:00; found myself spittin a smoove lil flow to it! (And I ain’t now MC by a longshot, LOL!)
    The loops sound fresh and diverse. And your Mans KillahCane said it best… “No Construction Kits and the Price is Right!”
    Yo, I don’t know how much influence you have with these Sample Companies or how closesly the follow feedback. But for my taste; they can kill the whole construction kit thing. I like the feeling like I’m Crate Diggin’, YaMean?! That’s why I dig the Smokers Delight/Relight joints by ELab/Equipped. If you don’t have em… GET EM!

    • @Vinnie Badverbs, thanks fam…and yes, I’m the same way, i prefer my stuff organized like this as opposed to in construction kits, but really i treat them the same way, I usually group my construction kits this way. But personally, I prefer the elab, sample magic, loopmasters way of things, or just having a library dedicated to a specific instrument like keys, guitars, etc….but I don’t think they will stop with the construction kits, because they server a purpose too…I just want to encourage more companies to cater to both types of users. I’ve been on elab/equipped for years fam, love em lol. I posted a review of the equipped stuff on here ๐Ÿ™‚

        • @Vinnie Badverbs, word, it’s all good yo. I’m like you in my preferences, but with construction kits, I just change the layout of em before I even mess with em usually, or I use them for specific elements and such. No rules, just music and each person has their own ideas on it.

          Matter of fact, I’m gonna post a good article I read about it, kinda has the same thoughts I do on it. It’ll be up in a few lol.

  2. Really nice sounds in this one, i like how they took that acoustic piece from P.Diddy’s “I Need a Girl Remix” and used it for a 1 shot sound lol that was interesting….nice review

    • @B.M.I., word up man, it’s a dope joint for sure. I doubt they took anything from a commercial release, acoustic piano sounds aren’t really that unique though ๐Ÿ™‚ And if it’s simple effects probably not hard to recreate.

  3. Nice presentation on this one (again), yeah Loopmasters has a nice catalog for sure. I’m brainstorming beats in my head now as I type. I’m gonna have to get this, there’s this beat in my head and it’s really leaning towards using this along side with the Mirror Ball and perhaps Breakbeat Jazz libraries with a sprinkle of FM8/Electric Piano. *(sinister rubbing together of hands & twiddling of finger tips…excellent Smithers..excellent!)

  4. I like the sounds are smooth and melodic. They sound like they got a few basic effects added to them, but it complements them well to make a tight groove or sample from.

  5. Joe”
    u can imagine how ecstatic I was when, I could view the inline vids
    on this site, how it auto-direct to the mobile browser when your on a mobile device, that alone makes Sound and Gear totally viable. not to mention you award winning reviews. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Id have to say this seems quite an impressive pack.
    Loving the keys especially and the weird sounding one shots.

    Could use this alot

    thanks for the recommendation, you make it better than its portrayed on Loopmasters…

    the free samples also give it justice

    sold again!


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