Going Modular: Studio Electronics 5089 Low-Pass Ladder Filter


Boomstar-Modular-5089As I mentioned in my first episode, Studio Electronics was a HUGE reason why I wanted to go modular, it would be a great way to get access to multiple filters from them without having to buy a whole synth for each one.

In this video I take a look at the 5089 ladder filter, which is their version of the “Minimoog style” filter.

It’s an absolutely great sounding filter, and I fell in love with it on the Boomstar desktop.

This isn’t a full “manual” style run down, more just me showing you what the module sounds like, some of the features on it, and how I’m integrating it into my setup with the Minitaur and MicroBrute.

Stay tuned for more, and let me know what you think!

Product page:  http://www.studioelectronics.com/products/synths/boomstar-modular/5089/#modstar

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  1. I had a subliminal scifi nightmare listening to this video. I was already sleepy and watched some video clips on the game doom. So my mind was already primed for some ish. That damn pulse rate had me thinking I was running from aliens. I couldn’t see them but I knew they were there. I would run get away cool, then the pulse rate was back more intensive. Then the aliens started screaming, and talking in tones. Close encounters of the third kind type ish. Then I heard this is Saintjoe from SAG and I woke up. All that bull ish I had in my dream where was the boomstar 5089 weapon? Good video, but
    I don’t recommend sleeping on this video though.


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