Free Download: NoiseAsh Sweetcase EP Plugin


Friday Freebie Criteria

  • Free: I highlight quality sounds, fx, kits, and plugins that you can legally download for free!
  • Quality: I have no desire to show every free product out there, this is still my personal opinion and I want to show things that are commercial quality in terms of sound and usefulness.
  • Legal: I’m against pirating and figured this is a way I can help musicians get away from using pirated/stolen products, while also showing useful products that aren’t budget dependent.

Why you should download the Sweetcase EP

It’s simple,straight forward to use, and has a decent sound with a clean interface.

In the real world, each EP has it’s own character.  Think of this one as another option for your EP parts, complete with it’s own sound.

There’s velocity response though it’s not super deep, and there are fx/modulation controls so you can tweak the sound a bit to dial in the feel you want.

Of course you can always add more fx and modulation in your program of choice, but this is certainly a useful EP plugin.

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