Free Download: u-he Tyrell N6 synthesizer plugin


Friday Freebie Criteria

  • Free: I highlight quality sounds, fx, kits, and plugins that you can legally download for free!
  • Quality: I have no desire to show every free product out there, this is still my personal opinion and I want to show things that are commercial quality in terms of sound and usefulness.
  • Legal: I’m against pirating and figured this is a way I can help musicians get away from using pirated/stolen products, while also showing useful products that aren’t budget dependent.

Why should you download Tyrell N6?

tyrell6First off, u-he made it, so…in terms of sound quality, you know it’s going to be top notch. The free stuff that comes from u-he sounds just as good as their paid stuff…..which is awesome.

Second, it’s got a really clean and easy to understand interface, not only is it sexy, but it’s functional.

Also, the story of how this synth came about is really cool as well, basically it’s a “crowd sourced” concept, that was gather and turned into a plan for an affordable hardware synthesizer, which ended up getting picked up and turned into a software plugin by the folks at u-he.

This is a fully capable synthesizer, oscillators, lfos, envelopes, modulation… excuses!

Quick Specs

There’s really nothing else for me to say, go read the story and download Tyrell N6, sure…it will cost you some CPU cycles, but it’s worth it for the sound that u-he delivers.

Let me know what you think!

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