Demo: Xenos Soundworks Future Retro Beats Presets for u-he Hive synthesizer


Hey what’s good fam, just got a demo of some new patches from Xenos for the new Hive synth from u-he called Hive.

The synth is currently in public beta so it’s free to download and test out.

Xenos has done some of the factory library and he’s already started on his own patch libraries for the synth.

It’s definitely a straight forward and easy to use synthesizer, also light on the cpu.

I figured what better way to familiarize myself with this new synthesizer than by checking out some new patches from Xenos!

Quick Specs

Definitely some good patches for current urban/electronic music styles.

Go on over and check him out, support the independent developers, as these are the guys making content for some of your favorite commercial synths!

Also you can download the Hive beta over at kvr:

Let me know what you think below


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