FAW Circle 2 Synthesizer Demo and Giveaway


Hey what’s good fam!

Got a new synth to demo for you, it’s the latest version of Circle from FAW, called….Circle 2 🙂

This is a really cool synth with a straight forward interface and some cool technology.

At the forefront is their new synthesis type, Vector Phase Shaping, or VPS. In addition to that, the interface allows for some really cool sound design which is all done visually, using the various…you guessed it..”circles” within the interface.

You want to modulate something? Just drag the circle, want to see what’s being modulated? Click on the circle to see everything it’s connected to. Want to quickly preview what a modulation or setting may sound like but not commit? Just hover the circle below the knob in question.

I’ll tell you man, it’s easy to get jaded with so many synths and plugins, but I’m always happy to see someone offer a new take, and better yet, a simple way to access and design sounds.

Quick Specs

This thing sounds cool, is fun AND easy to use, plus they have a bunch of tutorials on their website to help you quickly learn how to use their synth by actually building sounds. I think EVERY company should do this personally, it makes the product that much easier to wrap your head around.

Don’t forget to check those out here: http://www.futureaudioworkshop.com/circle/tutorials/

Also while you’re at it make sure you try the demo, I really think the interface makes sound design and exploration very intuitive.

Oh yeah…enter below for your chance to win a free copy of Circle 2 courtesy of FAW!



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