Comparison: Spectrasonics Keyscape vs 1972 Fender Rhodes, Neo Soul Keys, & Tines Anthology


ep_classic_mark_iSo, I was playing with Keyscape from Spectrasonics last week, just testing things Β out, when I loaded up one of the Rhodes patches.

Many of you that have been following me know I’m a huge fan of the Rhodes, it’s by far my favorite instrument.

So I played this patch, and it immediately reminded me of my actual Rhodes….so of course I had to investigate!

I pulled up 2 other EP libraries I dig, Neo Soul Keys, and Tines Anthology, along with Keyscape, and then went back adn forth between the three software libraries and my 1972 Fender Rhodes, just to see which one sounded the closest to the real thing.

I also wanted it to be which one sounded the closest without requiring a bunch of work, so I loaded up basic patches in each software.

Man…I will tell you this, I was super surprised how real the Keyscape Rhodes sounded. I’ve heard good EP libraries and plugins in the past, but the response and small nuances in Keyscape really do stand out.

As someone who owns and prefers a real Rhodes over anything, I was was definitely impressed.

Checkout Keyscape over on the Spectrasonics site:

Also, checkout all of the other keyboard and instrument models they captured for the plugin: Β

Let me know what you think!


  1. So, their Rhodes is better than NeoSoul Keys? Because I got their Komplete jawn off the strength of your review. The keyscape jawn looks mad impressive but I wouldn’t be able to tell, only having played two live instruments (incorrectly and by ear) in my life: my Malian djembe and my dad’s old Baldwin mini grand which has existed largely as passive-aggressive uppity black people furniture. That being said, what I need in virtually any vsti is: the ability to sound as real as needed to fool old people, not be too big a CPU hit compared to other vsti titles that can serve similar purposes, and not be Waves Mercury/Hillary Clinton speech expensive. Thoughts?

    • I don’t know if I would say “better” it really depends on what you’re looking at. In my comparison they have a slightly more realistic feel in certain aspects, but NSK and Keyscape are the two best that I’ve heard personally.


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