Nord Stage 3 vs. Korg Kronos – Playing the First 16 Preset Sounds


Usually the very first thing I do when checking out a new keyboard is play through the preset sounds.

Generally the first few sounds are the ones the company wants you to hear first, a “showcase” if you will.

So I wanted to do a video going through the first 16 sounds on the Korg Kronos and Nord Stage 3. What do you think the first few sounds say about these keyboards? Which sounds do you like?

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  1. I used a similar combination on a gig recently: a Krome for strings and rhodes, and a Nord Electro 6 D for organ. If I had to pick one for overall sounds, I might pick the Krome, but I think they are a great compliment to each other. The Nord also has solid pianos and rhodes.

    • Nice! I can see why you’d pick the Krome, a wider range of sounds and the navigation to get to those sounds is much quicker. The Nord is more straight forward piano, keys, and a few synth sounds, they sound good, but a very different experience. Thanks for the comment.


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