Checkout these Akai MPC and Yamaha NS-10 USB flash drives


Just wanted to share something real quick, about a year ago I bought an AKAI MPC 200oXL USB drive, from, and have been using it ever since.

Never had an issue with it at all, he even sent some drum samples on it when I bought it lol. ย Just last week I got in the mail one of the Yamaha NS-10 joints, again, works fine, so far.

I wanted to share about this little devices man as I’m an audio geek and the detail on these things is pretty good actually. I’ve never had any issues with it being “unrecognized” and I’ve used the MPC one in everything from my desktop, to laptop, to the Beat Thang!

I got mine back when they were only 8gb, now he bumped em up to 16gb, either way, if you’re an audio head like me, these are definitely worth checking out.

I need to pick up the other ones too….still trying to get him to make a Maschine one!

Check em at rawdrumsamples.comย 


  1. Shaky hands! haha

    Those look super cool Joe!


    Really cute. I want one!

    MAN! This is worse than the QVC Shopping Channel!

    Keep the love!

  2. Looks cool Joe. Seen them before but didn’t know about the size or were to find them. That’s a good amount of GB’s bruh, lol. Thanks for the info.

  3. Hey, Saint Joe. I was wondering, is it possible to load Kontakt in Ableton and record with it as well. Ableton is my go to DAW, but I also like what Native Instruments have to offer too. Thanks.

  4. Don’t overlook the beat shopping potential of these drives. Managers, Artists, & A&R’s WILL love these things over a traditional beat CD.

    Speaking from personal experience, they are an AMAZING foot in the door.

    • Basically you need to load it up as a module on a sound slot and then you can trigger it via midi, route sounds to it from other groups to have them effected by it. I have a full video explaining it on ๐Ÿ™‚


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