Big Fish Audio Black Symphony by Black Hand Loops


Hey what’s good fam! It’s another Friday so time for another serving of Big Fish!

Today I’m checking out some loops from the Black Hand lable

This one is called Black Symphony

Let’s check it!

What is Black Symphony?

No drums, no construction kits, just a collection of loops broken down by sound or instrument type.

It’s a collection of orchestral sounds aimed at the urban, pop, and hip hop genre.

You get keys, horns, choirs, strings, and other miscellaneous sounds.

Everything is tempo and key labeled for quick use.

Quick Specs

So how does it sound?

The loops have a nice useful sound here, not over compressed or overloaded with effects to the point of being unusable.

There are actually some nice vinyl fx on some of the sounds, and there’s is a proper amount of ambiance or reverb where needed.

The loops themselves are well crafted and long enough with enough variation to allow multiple chops from the same loops.

Sound quality and style quality it’s a very solid collection

Definitely has an urban/pop sounds with a few instant “dirty south” sounding riffs in the mix as well.

So what’s the bottom line?

This is a useful loop library and I like the fact that it’s straight loops and not in construction kit format

This makes it very easy to quickly audition and find the sounds you want to use.

I give Black Symphony 4 out of 5 subs, the sound quality is great and the actual playing style of the loops is very useful.

I like the variations as that allows the user many more options in terms of what parts they use or where they chop and such.

This is a really good collection of sounds for the price in my opinion.

Checkout the demos on the site:;16;1::::::::::black%20symphony:515007

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  1. Sounds nice man, i could hear some of those tracks with like r&b stuff, I liked the horns they sounded koo.. the beat you made was dope too, i love how you can make a beat on maschine real quick like that …some just dont know what they missing out on…LOL..peace.

  2. Yo!, that “Dope Loops Oneshot Artillery is off the chain. I figured that you would give it 5 subs. That stuff would go well with r&b music. Oh, yeah and also, I finally got myself Maschine, I caught it on sell for like $399.99 at Guitar Center. Anyway, keep doing your thing and hope to be learning some things from you. Peace!

  3. nice i love the orchestral stuff, i’d slice some then play some in reverse for a psycho effect or run a few loops straight through…. copping this ASAP. thanx for this heads up

  4. Yo Saintjoe, I wanted to say I really like your production style, it really sounds like you could be doing stuff for mainstream artists. Anyway thanks for another dope review. 🙂

  5. SJ: Bigfish Friday…Yes!! Yes!!,This is another “Great,Great” video from “S&G”.com. SJ,your production is “Off Da Hook”!!!. I Luv It…,
    This is a must by…Thanks for peeping this one…

  6. Here you gou again Saintjoe messing up my cash flow!!! lol studios looking real cool too! Thanks again for the reviews, they’re so useful and good to hear from someone you can relate to musically. I just copped Komplete 8 ultimate on the 50% discount they were running very nice but I’m always on the hunt for sounds and fx. Big up yourself and thanks again!!!


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