Big Fish Friday: Cinesamples CineOrch review


You know what it is fam!

Big Fish Friday baby…let’s get it in!

Today I’m checkin out another library from Cinesamples…yes, I dig them lol.

This one is an orchestal library…but not what you think.

This one is straight dedicated to chords/sections

It’s called CineOrch…let’s peep it!

So What  is CineOrch?

It’s basically a library dedicated to Tutti chords and octaves designed to allow faster and more realistic orchestral mockups for professional composers.

That’s the technical definition, my definition is that it is a straight forward library of a 70 piece orchestra playing various chords and octaves that gives you a super dope sound!

There are 3 patches in this library, Tutti chords, Low Chords, and Tutti Octaves.

They cover all the major, minor, augmented, and triad chords, as well as the inversions.

It allows you to get the real sound of on orchestral section without trying to create your own section from separately recorded instruments.

Quick Specs

  • content: 605MB
  • format: Kontakt 4 (requires full version NOT player version)
  • price: $149.95

How does it sound?

As always, this is what matters and it sounds great. It really is recorded well so that it’s easy to get those smooth lush chords, or even the powerful tutti hits, straight up epic movie trailer stuff yo!

I like the “sloppy round robin” this randomly throws in bad takes, which gives it even more of a realistic sound.

I think the tutti octaves are my favorite to use, and the fact that the staccato and sustain is playable by velocity makes it very fun and dynamic to mess around with. By default, the staccato is on the high velocity and low velocity allows you to play sustains, but you can flip it if ya like!

There isn’t much flash and tricks going on here, just some straight up well recorded orchestral chords that have an organic and “cohesive” sound, since they were recorded as an entire orchestra, instead of recorded as separate parts and “placed” together later.

What’s the bottom line?

I like it, it’s a straight forward library that does what it says on the box…err…in the description!

It really allows anyone to capture proper sounding orchestral chords and octaves, and sections are really popular not just for film but for many types of music production as well.

I would have liked to see maybe some way to adjust reverb/room size and maybe even a phrase builder of some sort to trigger the chords, but over all the controls there do what they need and really you don’t need to do much as the recordings sound that good.

I give this library 4.5 out of 5 subs, I really like the sound of it overall and that’s all that really matters.

I have other reverbs and fx I can mess with, but honestly most of the time I’m just having fun triggering the tutti octaves, instant epicawesomness!

Yes…that’s a new word, but I think it’s fitting 🙂

Definitely go on over and check them out, listen to the demos etc: Cinesamples CineOrch at Big Fish

leave a comment below, let me know what you think about this one

Big Fish Friday: Cinesamples CineOrch review
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    • @angelinni, very few are releasing products for older versions of Kontakt as Kontakt 4 offers much more in terms of scripting options and abilities, that stuff just isn’t compatible with older versions.

  1. Great review. Joe. I’m liking the sound and the small hdd footprint of this library is nice too. Are u finding issue with there being to much reverb on some of the chords or not enough? $149 is a lil steep for a 605mb but I guess if the quality is there than its ok. (Would have preceded to see it come in at the $99 area) of course we can always use the coupons from joining huh 😉 thanks for another great review.

    • @weeny, are you serious? 75 bucks? Try pricing various high end orchestral libraries then come back here lol.

      This product is actually aimed at film composers, I just happen to think it has a wider range of use for general music production because of the instant quality and usefulness of it. But everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, I just don’t understand the concept that everything should be cheaper lol.

      It seems anytime a product approaches or exceeds 100 bucks folks start to doubt it…I come from the days of hardware where buying modules and libraries cost quite a bit, so 150 for something focused like this doesn’t seem crazy to me. Not when libraries not near as useful used to cost 300bucks or more and the size was much smaller (our samplers were maxing out at 32-64mb at one point!)

      Like anything else it’s all subjective to your experiences and what you’re used to I suppose.

  2. yo! Saint i’ve check out all of the cinesamples from big fish and mannn! I love them all. I’m planning on buying the hole complete Q instruments very soon. The sounds are so amazing to me. That’s ok if it don’t have a lot of effect’s i’ll just use the effect’s on abelton 8 with them.

    • @DJ Jambone, yeah I love their stuff too, I agree, I have fx to use on it I just like it when they are built in with the instrument as I think they sound better and more matched to the instrument when done by the developer specifically for the instrument 🙂

  3. Yo SJ!

    Old thread I know but have you tried running CineOrch in Kontakt 5 yet? I know the sounds must be loaded from the file menu and I have no probs with that, however, the interface won’t load. I’ve contacted Cara at Cinesamples and can’t seem to get a straight answer as to whether or not they have tested CineOrch with Kontakt 5. I know you’re a PC but Kontakt 5 is Kontakt 5 right? What do you think?

  4. Let me know how your update goes please. Do you know
    if Knock uses/ has CineOrch? I only ask because he uses a Mac and if the issue’s not Kontakt 5 then maybe it’s an issue with the way the file was unzipped or the utility that unzipped it. Either way, I’ve GOT to get this interface working. Thanks SJ.

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