Cytomic The Glue SSL compressor plugin review


Yo whasup!

Wanted to mix things up a bit and get into some fx/tools that many of us use….

I’m not a super fx guy, I think they are really personal and depend on user taste and what you are looking for.

for me, when I ask my buddies about mixing/fx tools I ask for something that sounds great, but is also easy to use

I’m no engineer…so I like stuff that’s pretty straight forward and has character

Enter The Glue…an analog compressor plugin modeled after the British classic….the SSL

let’s check it!

So what is The Glue?

It’s a compressor plugin, analog modeled plugin that is based on the classic SSL  E and G series boards

It’s meant to go on the mix bus…hence the name “glue” which implies it pulls everything together into a cohesive gob of audio ecstasy!

Really though, the idea behind it, at least in my mind, is to capture some of the classic analog character and “magic” found in the SSL, while allowing it to deviate with some added features only possible in software.

It’s a compressor, with character…that doesn’t require you to take out a small loan!

This company and product is the handy work of Andrew Simper, you may know his work from the DSP programming in DCAM Synth Squad, or the FX in BFD, Guru, Geist, etc…yeah…that guy 🙂

Quick Specs

  • format: VST 32/64, AU 32/64, and RTAS
  • price: $99

How does it sound?

This is all that matters right? Especially with a compressor!

What I find, for me, it’s easy to dial in the right punch/thickness that I’m going for. I mean mainly I’m using a compressor to beef up my drums or other sounds.

But what I also find is that this is one of those plugins that just sounds good over the entire mix, like something I would use as a default in my regular template, just to have as the default output of all of my tracks.

I like that the presets are very descriptive and allow you to get an idea of how to use the plugin.

I also find that the oversampling options actually do make a difference, and if you have the cpu power to use it, it’s definitely an added bonus.

In general, I don’t run into the stale or lifeless sound that can sometimes come from many compressors and compressor plugins, it doesn’t strip the dynamics of whatever I am using it on, even if I push it to the max.

I really like the addition of the ratio knob, this helps you get the exact sound you want without over smashing or over compressing the signals.

And bottom line to me, it’s musical…I can use it as a regular tool when I’m making music, this is always important to me as I’m a producer/beatmaker first…not an engineer.

What’s the bottom line?

This is a great plugin that meets my criteria for plugins, it sounds good, it’s easy to use…and it’s light on the cpu, which means I can use it a lot!

I was already a fan of Andrew without knowing it, as I loved the Synth Squad engine as well as I’ve always loved the FX in BFD and Guru, Geist, etc.

I’m just glad he is bringing his excellent coding skills to users outside of those environments at a pricepoint that is quite a contrast from most modeled plugins.

My only real gripe…was the preset browser…this is a personal thing for me, I am just not a fan of pop up browsers, would prefer a slide out or pop out browser, a fly out, something.

But again, that’s minor as I can just use the next and previous buttons 🙂

I give this a 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a really great sounding plugin that doesn’t require a lot of study to use properly, it encourages the “plug and tweak” method of use which is always a plus when you’re making music.

Definitely check it out, there’s a free 14 day trial, you can even split the trial up into 2 sets of 7 days…good stuff.

Does it sound like an SSL board? I dunno, I never used one personally so I can’t tell ya, many who have, including a few engineer friends of mine, say it does. I say all that matters to me is if it sounds good and gives me a sound that I’m after…then it’s good for me!

Andrew says there will be more FX plugins coming, so that keeps me waiting in anticipation, as I think about some of my favorite eq, filters, and other goodies from some of his previous work…yeah…I will definitely be keeping an eye on this company.

Cytomic The Glue SSL compressor plugin review
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  1. Yo! This is one of my favorite compressor plugs!! I literally use it in almost every mix nowadays….works super good on drum stems or sub-mixes and it just has a great sound. The best part – its also ridiculously affordable and IMO trumps big name companies like Waves for something equivalent.

  2. Great plugin saint… I really love compressors man. I use them to mix and master my stuff. You know if you’re not into using a lot of eq’s there’s a plugin you can get at it can enhance your sound with out all confusion if you know what I mean… I use an hardware bbe with sub adjustment for live sound equipment and a software plugin bbe for my dj gig’s when I don’t have all the gear around. But don’t get me wrong I use eq’s on lots of things too.

    • @dj jambone, word man, thanks for the response, yeah I know about the sonic maximizer as well, I’m not really a fan of that one but it’s cool for some things

      thanks for the input as always!

  3. wut up st. joe just got a copy of record 1.5 and that compressor comes with it i,ve been having alot of fun using it makes everything sounds great so having it as a plug in for other programs is cool too i recommend it highly

  4. Ha ha, I just got The Glue, then saw this review. I’ve got several compressor plugins by Waves, PSP and Slate Digital as well as what comes in Logic – The Glue straight away does what I’m listening for. Nyc plugin!


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