Big Fish Friday: Apollo – Cinematic Guitars from Vir2


Hey what’s good fam!

Back with another Big Fish Friday!

Today I’m checking out a product I’ve been waiting for since winter NAMM.

It’s Apollo, a new cinematic library for Kontakt.

Let’s just dig in!

What is Apollo?

APLO1bIt’s a brand new cinematic guitar library from Vir2 for Kontakt.

The idea behind it is to provide you access to high quality pads, ambiences, swells, and chords.

In addition to the sound design stuff you also get traditional multi-sample instruments and even a whole section of guitar riffs and licks.

Of course it has a custom interface ready to be tweaked so you can add effects, modulation, change the tuning, etc.

The licks and riffs will also sync automatically to the tempo of your host for full flexibility.

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThe first thing I noticed about this library is how real it sounded, not that other libraries sound fake, but each sound retains the feel and character of a real guitar.

Even the swells, pads, and ambiences still have that guitar feel to them, so the essence of the library really shines through.

Not to mention there are some really great sounding guitar phrases, along with some pretty useful multi-sample guitar and bass instruments.

What I like most about the library as a whole, is how complete and diverse it is.

Not only do you get the ambient sound design elements, but you also get to mix that will real traditional phrases and instruments.

Throw in the effects and modulation, and you have a very flexible sound palette to work with.

So what’s the bottom line?

I’m a sucker for cinematic ambient sounds, even more so when they are created from organic sources.

4andhalfsubsI give Apollo 4.5 out of 5 subs, it delivers great sound quality with an intuitive and powerful interface that’s ready to be tweaked. 

From the pads, to the riffs, to the instruments, everything sounds great and the ambient designer is super flexible!

It’s one thing to have a collection of great ambiences and drones, it’s a totally different thing when you have the ability to take great source material to build you own quickly.

Not only did they deliver a product that sounds good from the start, but they give you the tools to create and build your own unique sounds in a fast and efficient manner.

I’d say this library was definitely worth the wait and carves out it’s own spot in the market of cinematic instruments.

Go on over and check it out:;16;1:::::::::::Apollo:%20Cinematic%20Guitars:517090

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  1. What up SJ?!? Long time Fam! Both the Big Fish Audio as well as the Vir2 sites say that there are “thousands” of pad combinations. I watched all of the videos and read all of the product descriptions on both sites and “thousands of pad combinations” is as close as I could come to a real number of pad combos. I hope that’s good enough cause I TRULY want this library. Yo guess what Fam, I just graduated from Full Sail with my Music Production Bachelors Degree! Long time, a lotta hard work and long hours but worth every bit of it. Getting my voiceover career off the ground and this Apollo library is just what the doctor ordered to provide some real smooth background ambience and music beds for the VOs. Even I don’t win, it’s just good to reconnect with you Fam. Knock is down here in ATL now and I’ve yet to get up with him but now that school’s done, it’s just a matter of uncloaking Lol. Keep doing ya thing SJ. We’re real proud of you out here my guy!

    • Thanks for watching/commenting, definitely a dope library. As for the answer, there is a specific answer I am looking for, that’s all I can say about that 😉

  2. Hey saintjoe,

    Thanks to your fabulous demo, I finally pulled the trigger on this fabulous product…it’s on sale for 299 USD from Big FishAudio…downloaded the files last night and can’t wait to start getting immersed in the Ambient Designer…stay cool. man!!


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