Studio One Remote App for iPad Add Audio Tracks and Set Audio Input


Hey what’s good fam?

Just wanted to share a quick video on the new Studio One Remote app from PreSonus.

It’s a very powerful app for Studio One, and one of my favorite features is being able to add new audio tracks from the iPad as well as picking the input device/channel without having to go to my computer.

For me this is huge because it means I can have my iPad with me away from the computer/mouse and actually add new tracks to record no matter which gear I’m sitting at.

I use a lot of external gear so having to reach back over to my desk for the faderport or keyboard/mouse isn’t always practical.

This definitely changes that.

I’m sure there’s other features that will be more important to others, I just wanted to share this one that got me excited, there’s plenty more you can do with it as well.

Oh yeah, it’s free!

If you’re using it let me know what you like or don’t like about it below.



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