Big Fish Audio Off The Hook Legacy review


Hey what’s good fam, it’s Friday so you know what time it is…back with some Big Fish!!

Today I’m checking out a new product in the Off the Hook series called Lecacy

Let’s jump into it!


So what is Off the Hook Legacy?

Basically this is a large collection of Hip Hop and RnB loops, samples, riffs and hits.

The general concept is a construction kit with each part broken down but it also comes in KLI format which allows for even more flexibility.

You get everything from keys to bass, synths, strings, drums, and fx

It’s another installment from the Off the Hook series that brings another large collection of sounds ready for most any type of urban music production situation

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderIt has a nice production ready sound in terms of various urban music styles.

The patterns and riffs played can definitely spark some inspiration and they are well recorded.

I’m usually a fan of the keys and guitars in the Off the Hook series so I was definitely hoping to see more of those.

But overall the sound quality and quantity provides quite a bit to work with and the addition of separate drum patches bumps the usability up even more in my opinion.

If you are familiar with the Off the Hook series then this will not disappoint as the sounds and production are on point as usual.

So what’s the bottom line?

If you’re a fan of the series, then this is definitely another volume to add to your collection.

If you are just looking for a nice collection of urban style samples and kits to quickly add to your toolkit, then this may be one to consider

4subsI give Off the Hook Legacy 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a straightforward urban sample library that provides a lot of content with enough variation to keep you busy for a while

One thing I would have loved to see is if they organized the KLI patches with a folder that has each sound type in one instrument. All the synths, all the keys, all the bass, all the strings, etc., I think that would make it even more useful for quick inspiration and auditioning.

Go on over and checkout their demos and information:

Also make sure you download this free sample pack to get a taste for yourself: OfftheHookLegacy demo

leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


  1. Nice the way they incorporated ”Off The Hook” for Kontakt.The sounds are phat, I have most on the CD’s, the older Off The Hook stuff.This is better for today’s setups.Thanks for showing SaintJoe.Peace & blessings.

  2. Damn, first instant oatmeal, then instant coffee, now off the hook legacy. Damn it doesnt take much nowadays to make music. Not sayin its a bad library but damn, everything is done for you. Nice sounds, but the only thing this library doesnt have is a CPA to do my damn taxes.

  3. Saint Joe you have once again made my day by bringing to light one of the things that I was iffy about. I thought this was just another sample pack but seeing how you can adjust the tempo with the drum kits thus you can mix and match–Oh yeah this is getting bought. Good review as always, blessings to you my brother. Now could you tell me what you think you personally think of the elektron octatrack.

  4. @rsptean12 – I think the target audience is those people who make production music and media producers. They often have quick turnaround deadlines and can wait for inspiration to hit and develop. Their clients need a finished product quickly or they lose the gig. This is extremely common in media production. Even top notch composers will use loops and construction kits when they need a quick fix for a genre that is not their specialty.

  5. Exactly, these people need something quick and fast. And they are a large part of the userbase for these types of products. At the end of the day it’s all about getting ideas down however that happens. People listening to the music don’t care how you made it, they just care if it sounds good. Musicians and Producers are always going to be hard on each other, nothing new. It’s the ones that don’t get caught up in that that find they can get ideas from all sorts of places.

  6. Look at it as if these loops are your session players and you take what you like and write around it. You’re nit going to get studio guys to work for unlimited periods of time for $130 and you’re not sharing your fee or performance royalties. Open mind, open doors. Closed mind, empty wallet.

  7. Man I say the same thing to people for years about these types of things. Look at these loops/kits as access to studio musicians that not everyone can afford to hire. They pull in professional folks to play on these libraries.

  8. SJ: This Big Fish product is one of the best releases ever. I purchased this last year & I still can’t get enough usage. This is a 5.0 product w/o questioning. Thanks for giving all a look at this one.


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