Studiolinked VST Hip Hop Brass Kontakt library review


Hey what’s good fam? Hope everything is going well with ya.

Today I’m checking out a library from a company I’ve been watching for a while.

I finally felt it was time to showcase some of what they are doing over there.

The company is Studiolinked VST and the product is Hip Hop Brass

Let’s check it!

So what is Hip Hop Brass?


Well the concept behind this library is to provide instantly useful brass section sounds and instruments that will work well in all types of urban music.

I’m constantly being asked for brass libraries that work within the urban realm that aren’t “too orchestral” or have a “slightly synthy sound” to them.

Well this library combines both acoustic and synth style brass sections with a straight forward interface that makes it really useful for urban/electronic styles.

They were also setup in a way to facilitate stacking/layering to get even bigger sounding instruments.

With a clean interface and a focused sound, I definitely wanted to see what this was about

Quick Specs

How does it sound though?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderMany times when you get a product aiming at the urban market, it’s possible for it to not quite hit the mark.

No the case with this library, it definitely has a sound that will fit into many styles of urban music.

There are smooth silky brass instruments, and higher end, hyped up brass as well. Everything from mellow jazzy horns to aggressive synth style sections.

I didn’t notice any pops or clicks in terms of how the instruments were edited as well which is always a good thing.

Some of them tend to have a bit of natural reverb on them that doesn’t quite go away when removing the reverb in the interface, but that’s not much of a problem because there isn’t too much reverb on them.

Just wanted to mention that for those looking for “super dry” horns.  The reverb doesn’t sound bad or artificial though so it’s not an issue for me really.

So what’s the bottom line?

If you’re looking for some nice hip hop/urban style brass instruments, check this out for sure

They don’t sound cheesy, they have a nice full sound to them as well.

I like the interface as well, it’s clean, simple, and effective.

4andhalfsubsI give Hip Hop Brass 4.5 out of 5 subs, they definitely delivered a sound that will be useful in many urban music genres.

Admittedly, I was expecting all synthy type sounds aimed at trap music…which isn’t really my particular style.

However, what they have put together works well for Trap, Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, pretty much anything where a nice brass section can be useful.

Now don’t look to this for your cinematic/orchestral brass needs, as I don’t feel this is the library for that.

But for Pop, Electronic, and Urban styles…definitely check it out.

Here’s the link to their site:

Leave me a comment below, let me know what you think

Studiolinked VST Hip Hop Brass Kontakt library review
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  1. Man I’m so glad you made this review ! Been looking for some urban brass sounds for some time now… Need to check out the other stuff from this company too.I’m having a hard time building a collection of sounds for trap beats.If you review other libraries from this company it would be appreciated .

  2. Hi again. I’m curious: do you use Scarbee Funk Guitarist? If so, then do you have any sort of workflow that allows you to keep track of all the chords and patterns? It’s unintuitive to me, not drawing the strum chords and patterns themselves.

  3. Some years ago i sold my fantom motif triton hardware where the real trap/south brass come from.after that i was searching for brass sounds like this too as search ends with halion sonic se build in cubase.they using real motif sounds but this product sounds good too.

  4. $99 seems kind of steep for what it is, 28 patches (that all sounded a lot alike to me) and some add ons. It all sounded like the same brass sample with different effects and different ADSR. At half the price, I would consider it… At 99 bucks tho… I’ll find a dope brass sample and get to work. good review as always though fam!! I keep it locked on Sounds and Gear!!

  5. Not bad, seems decent, nice full sound, i’m never super impressed with brass synths but this one seems very usable, and a nice price, since you reviewed that session horns though, im hooked on that. Props again on the review. You always help me decide which VST to cop next 🙂

    Will you be doing a review of the new kontakt scarbee rickenbacker bass?

  6. whats good joe! what type of midi keyboard is that you are using on the main desk (gray one with the red sides)? I know you’ve been using the axiom pro and novation one. great review too.thanks bro.

  7. This is a great review, imma definitely buy this in a couple weeks, but I got an idea for a question when u were stacking patches on this video. When im surfing thru patches, say Cinematic Guitar for example, when I double click another patch it stacks the patches, but most times I just want the new patch I double clicked to load by itself, X’n out the current loaded patch. Do u know how to set Kontakt up to do this? From looking at your past videos, I see yours is set up like that.

  8. Your videos always help me out with what im gonna cop next, nice one saintjoe 🙂 will you be doing a review of the new scarbee rickenbacker bass ?

  9. Whats happenin man. I have komplete 8 ultimate right now. I was wondering if there is something similar in the bundle or do I need thisto get that sound. Theres alot in the komplete package and i havent been able to go through everything. I was just asking your opinion. I make hip hop tracks so,this product definitely has the sound Im looking for without me having to go through all the changes.

  10. do you really need full version of kontakt?? i have a download version can it work? if not then i just screwed up buying this brass…

  11. It really depends on the library, some of them could definitely use some work. I’ve been checking their stuff out from the beginning and their quality seems to be improving. But again it really depends on which product you’re looking at and what type of sounds you want. I reviewed these because I thought the quality was usable.


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